3-Dimensional GFRC Molds


People often ask me how to create molds, especially 3-D molds. What’s really important though is the whole creative process – how do you take a concept and make it reality?

In this seminar, I’ll step you through innovative three-dimensional projects using GFRC, including an S chair, a water and fire feature, a sign and a desk. I’ll show you exactly how I made the molds, why I used the GFRC technique for these projects and how I finished them. You’ll witness the entire process start to finish. I hope to inspire you to make your own concrete dreams a reality.

(Please note, you should already know GFRC. I’ll be teaching you an application of GFRC, not GFRC itself. Get our GFRC self-study training, or consider a hands-on class.)


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