How to Make a GFRC Lounge Chair


Lounge chairs are a fantastic application of your GFRC concrete skills, and they’re actually really easy to do once you have a mold – and highly profitable.

In this seminar, I’ll show you exactly how to build a lounge chair mold from start to finish, and you’ll get detailed plans with the exact dimensions and materials list. Then I’ll show you how to cast the GFRC for this item that will be finished on both sides. And, we’ll discuss how to price lounge chairs – it’s not by the square foot! I’ll also show you some easy ways to incorporate designs into your lounge chairs, such as logos, that will make them even more desirable and profitable.

At the end of this seminar, you will have everything you need to start producing and selling concrete lounge chairs right away. (Please note, you should already know GFRC. I’ll be teaching you an application of GFRC, not GFRC itself. Click here for GFRC training.)


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