AR Glass Scrim for GFRC – 5mm


This is a 25-foot length of 5 mm x 5 mm grid of AR glass fiber mesh, 3 feet wide. Scrim mesh is used in GFRC backer coat to provide extra reinforcing in critical areas. You can use scrim anywhere you simply want extra assurance of strength. This 5 mm scrim provides even higher strength than the usual 10 mm scrim. Please note that the grid size of 5mm scrim tends to vary, with the main point being that it is smaller and more dense than 10mm scrim.

Scrim is used like steel reinforcing in precast – place it where the tensile stresses occur. For regular slabs, this is near the bottom surface. For cantilevers, this is near the top surface. 

When using scrim, you must still use fibers in your backer coat. Scrim should always be laminated within the backer coat. Each layer of scrim should be laid on the freshly rolled backer and the scrim gently rolled to adhere it to the baker. 

Do not lay the scrim directly on the mist coat. Rolling or trowelling the backer into the mist coat will result in ghosting. Vigorous rolling or hard trowelling could push the scrim into the backer, transferring the pattern of the scrim down through the mist coat. This will result in ghosting. 


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