How to Apply Finale DIY Concrete Countertop System Over Granite

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Please note: Finale DIY Concrete Countertop System is no longer available due to supply chain problems.

Finale is typically used to transform outdated laminate countertops to modern concrete. However, it can also be used over granite countertops.

Check out the transformation of this outdated, 90s granite kitchen to a beautiful new, modern concrete kitchen!

The only step that is different for granite countertops versus laminate countertops is surface preparation. The process is quite easy, it simply requires using diamond pads to scuff the surface, not sandpaper. The written instructions for Finale contain details of exactly how to prepare the surface of granite or stone countertops.

This article provides a few extra photos and a video to supplement the written instructions.

Supplies You Will Need

Sandpaper cannot be used to prepare granite for coating with Finale DIY Concrete Countertop System. You must use diamond pads such as those pictured below. The green 60 grit diamond hand pad is included with the Finale system. The red 100 grit 5″ diamond pad is available for purchase here, or it comes with the Finale Full Kit.


Both granite and laminate should be cleaned with a household cleaner and later wiped down with 70% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol).


Scuffing the Surface of the Granite

To scuff up the surface of the granite so that the Finale bonds properly, you will use your 100 grit diamond pad on a random orbit sander. Spritz a bit of water on the surface while grinding to prevent dust. It should look like this while grinding:


When you are finished, the entire surface should be dulled. The middle strip in this photo has been properly dulled:


Video of Preparing a Granite Countertop for Resurfacing with Finale DIY Concrete Countertop System

Resurfacing a granite countertop with a microtopping such as Finale takes some elbow grease and some preparation, but it pays off in the end.