Concrete Cleaner – Romix BackSet

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It’s important to keep your tools super-clean, especially spray guns and compaction rollers. However, even if you wash immediately after use as a general policy, sometimes the concrete gets away from you, and you have cured concrete stuck on your tools. This cleaner dissolves the concrete and restores your tools to excellent condition.

The following is excerpted from Romix’s informative product page for BackSet:

This is an acid alternative with no fumes or odors. Back-Set molecularly breaks down the ionic bond in Portland cement, completely dissolving and releasing the hardened cement from any surface to which it is adhered.

For cleaning of small parts and hand tools use a small plastic dip vat or plastic pail to submerge encrusted item for at least 20-45 minutes. Remove item and rinse well with cold water. (NOTE: Do not use on magnesium unless tested on a small area.)