Imer Mortarman 120+ Mixer for Concrete Countertops


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The Imer Mortarman 120+ is the best mixer for mixing ECC concrete countertop mix.

We recommend the Imer Mortarman 120+ for mixing ECC, such as the Buddy Rhodes ECC Blended Mix. An ECC mix for concrete countertops requires a fast and efficient mixer. It also can be made stiff or fluid, and the Mortarman can handle both.

The Imer Mortarman 120+ is a vertical shaft style mixer. Vertical shaft mixers have a wide, shallow, circular mixing pan that is stationary. The drive shaft rises vertically through the center of the pan, and paddles and scrapers of various configurations move and mix the concrete.

Vertical shaft mixers have high mixing speed and efficiency. They are capable of mixing most types of concrete, both stiff and fluid. The discharge method may make stiff mixes more difficult to deal with.

With drum and mortar mixers, the entire drum is tilted to discharge the concrete. With vertical shaft mixers, the mixing pan is stationary and a relatively small door in the bottom of the pan is the discharge port. The concrete is discharged by opening the door and letting the mixing paddles scrape the concrete over the hole, letting gravity handle the rest. This makes it very easy to discharge the concrete into a 5-gallon bucket that can be carried by one person.

Imer’s specifications for this machine are here.

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