NEW! Rimcraft Bakhopper GFRC Backer Sprayer



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NEW! A GFRC backer sprayer that actually WORKS, for a fraction of the price of commercial backer sprayers.

In the past, the only alternative to hand placing backer was either an inexpensive sprayer that clogged constantly or an $8000 machine that makes sense only for large production shops.

The Rimcraft Bakhopper solves all of the problems of spraying fibrous GFRC backer mix, and does it at an extremely affordable price point – only $485 retail!


This machine will dramatically increase your productivity (and therefore your profit) by:

  • slashing the time it takes to place backer on vertical services
  • allowing you to easily create thin, flat layers for maximum strength of large pieces
  • removing the risk of tearing through the mist coat when hand placing backer


The Bakhopper gun offers major improvements to a hand-held hopper gun that consistently and effectively sprays GFRC backer.

  • A smooth, sweeping throat guides the GFRC from the hopper into the streamlined nozzle opening.
  • An integral stinger air jet creates a strong suction that pulls material into the gun from the nozzle. You no longer have to overplasticize your mix to get it to flow into the gun. This feature makes it easy to create a backer mix that sprays easily but will hang on a vertical surface. You don’t need to struggle with your mix to get it to the perfect consistency.
  • A smart, inverted handle shape locates the spray nozzle close to the bottom of the gun so that you can work close to the forms. No longer will you have to struggle with a handle and hose getting in the way.
  • 3-D printed urethane nozzles don’t need O-rings. The nozzles are one piece and easy to clean. The Bakhopper comes with two nozzles: one optimized for spraying GFRC backer, and another that can be used to spray a fine mist coat for a tight cast surface.

Ordering info:

Rimcraft is currently producing 20 of these sprayers for CCI, and all 20 have already been sold. Project shipment date is mid December. Stay tuned for availability as we work with the manufacturer to obtain more sprayers. Retail price will be $485.

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