FREE! Websites, SEO & Social Media for Creative Concrete Professionals


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Websites, SEO & Social Media for Creative Concrete Professionals

A message from Lane Mangum, VP Business Services of The Concrete Countertop Institute:

“This seminar will help any professional who makes concrete countertops, furniture, fire features or any other form of creative concrete learn how to present themselves online most effectively. Confused about domain names, hosting, search engine optimization, Facebook, etc.? Even if you’re not computer savvy, by understanding a few simple principles, you can clear up the confusion and develop a professional-looking website and social media presence that entices prospects.”

You will learn:

arrow.gif The 5 simple website pages you need
arrow.gif Why you don’t need to pay for search engine optimization
arrow.gif An easy way to deal with social media
arrow.gif Step by step, how to do it all yourself. Or, how to make sure the website developer you hire does a good job.

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