7 inch Diamond Wet Polishing Pad (Grit 3000)
7 inch Diamond Wet Polishing Pad (Grit 3000)
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7 inch Diamond Wet Polishing Pad (Grit 3000)


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CLEARANCE SALE! 12 pads available.

All the features you want in a diamond pad for concrete countertops:

  • High concentration of diamonds for faster cutting
  • Narrow gradation of diamonds for a swirl-free surface
  • Thick enough for long life
  • Thin enough to be flexible
  • Ideal channel design to eject slurry and prevent clogging
  • Ideal resin binder for long life without glazing

7″ pads are perfect for keeping a large surface flat. They require a more powerful polisher such as the Flex 603VR. Most air polishers do not provide enough power to run 7″ pads.

Use the 3000 grit pad as the last step to wet polish to a high sheen. This pad is for wet grinding only. A variable speed polisher is not necessary; simply use the highest speed, up to a maximum of 4500 RPM.

CCI’s diamond resin polishing pads and diamond hand pads were designed specifically for the concrete countertop industry. These are not pads borrowed from the granite industry that work well on stone but not so well on concrete, nor are they bargain-basement lookalike disks offered because they provide a generous profit margin to the seller. They’re designed and tested by CCI, the most knowledgeable and experienced force in the concrete countertop industry.

These are the best discs on the market. Period.

They give you everything you’ve been looking for in a premium polishing disk: versatility, fast cutting, quality finish and long life. Unlike thick, rigid pads, they don’t curl and wear unevenly. The thin pad is flexible, so you can hone flat surfaces and curved sinks with ease. Numerous, wide grooves channel slurry out from under the disc, reducing clogging, premature pad wear and scratches from the cuttings. And tightly graded, premium industrial diamonds cut fast but leave a smooth, scratch free surface.

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