Express your creativity with GFRC.


There are a lot of right ways to make GFRC... and a lot of wrong ways.

  • Truly understand not just how, but why, with engineering-based instruction on the nuts and bolts of from-scratch GFRC..
  • Learn how to change an expensive hobby into a healthy source of income — in just two days.
  • Save years of trial and error, and get started immediately producing countertops, sinks, fireplaces and more.
  • Get the confidence to express your creativity with concrete, without limits.

Tuition: $1595

Schedule: Extremely limited spots are available only twice yearly, Feb 28 – Mar 1, 2019 & Nov 7-8, 2019

“CCI training is well worth the time and money invested. It gave me a jump start into concrete work and the confidence to move forward in the industry.” – Evan, MD

Result of this Class: Get started quickly with GFRC


What You’ll Learn Hands-On and in the Classroom

  • The from-scratch formula and calculator for a simple, 100% successful, properly engineered, GFRC mix
  • How to spray mist coat correctly for the best finish
  • How to apply backer coat correctly for the strongest concrete
  • When to use scrim for extra strength
  • Thinking outside the box and making molds for 3-dimensional pieces
  • Foam coring for even lighter weight
  • Easily create integral sinks – highly profitable and practical
  • Achieve multiple looks with GFRC, including as-cast, exposed aggregate and variegated
  • Grinding and polishing GFRC
  • How to seal GFRC
  • Detailed list of exactly what products you need (and don’t need) to get started
  • What you will receive:
  • Extensive reference materials including a 54-page textbook on GFRC
  • 2 hours of live action videos on GFRC – A great refresher/reference to remind you of what you learned in class!
  • 4 hours of GFRC online seminars
  • A diploma
  • Post-class support

When, Where & Cost


When and where is this class offered?

This class is offered twice yearly in Raleigh, NC. See our class schedule page for the next dates.

How much does it cost?

$1595. We have a great hotel deal in the heart of downtown Raleigh for only $87 per night. Breakfast, lunch and all class materials (textbook, mix calculator, videos and more) are included.

What’s the class size?

Limited to 12 students.

How can I learn so much and make so many projects in just 2 days?

Well-designed mixes, proper casting techniques, and effective curing methods. This 2-day class maximizes your learning while minimizing your time away from your business and family.

Why should I take this class rather than some other GFRC class?

GFRC is a highly specialized material with decades of research that show it requires certain fundamental ingredients and construction techniques in order to perform as expected. When done right, GFRC is extremely strong, flexible (literally) and durable.

Unfortunately, in the concrete countertop industry there are many cavalier approaches to GFRC that ignore these fundamentals. CCI approaches GFRC conservatively, prefering to stick with sound, proven principles even if they require a little more work or more polymer or fibers. You will have 100% confidence in your GFRC made with these techniques – after all, those who construct massive building panels have relied on them for decades.

Engineers make things only as complicated as they need to be so that the building or bridge doesn’t fall down. Be certain your GFRC countertops won’t fail by relying on sound engineering principles. You might spend a little more time, or spend a little more money on polymer and fibers, but you also won’t have redos and callbacks – and that’s good business, like measuring twice and cutting once.

As Jeff explains, “I am 100% dedicated to teaching engineering-based mixes and sound concreting techniques. And, I back it up with extensive documentation and a complete understanding of both how and why. I probably err on the side of too much information, but I don’t think you can ever have too much information to be successful in the concrete countertop business. That’s how I ran a successful business for years, and how I now teach my students to do the same.”

There is only one reason a vendor would offer free/cheap hands-on training, and that is to sell product. We prefer to price our training based on its value, making it a sound investment for professionals interested in long-term good business practices.

Consider also when choosing a class, the ease of travel to the friendly and fun town of Raleigh, NC. Our shop and the recommended hotel in downtown Raleigh are located an easy 20-minute drive or $40 cab ride from the airport. Experience a fun town with a vibrant downtown scene. In downtown Raleigh there are 90 bars and restaurants within walking distance from the hotel. Click here for more information about accommodations and things to do in Raleigh.

Who should take this class?

If you already make concrete countertops, this class will teach you reliable, efficient methods for using GFRC.   If you’re a contractor/professional and a beginner at concrete countertops, this class will get you started quickly and inexpensively. We recommend The Ultimate Concrete Countertop Training if you are serious about building a business making concrete countertops and want to learn a wide range of techniques and in-depth business instruction. If you’re a stone or solid surface fabricator, this class is ideal. You will learn just what you need: the concrete part, not templating and installation. This class is not recommended for do-it-yourselfers. GFRC is an advanced technique. Consider the Level 1 self-study course instead.

How do I sign up?

Click here to register for the next class. 

What other GFRC training options do you offer?

The CCI Difference: A Solid Foundation


When you’re considering professional training ask yourself, “Where’s the proof?”

  • How deep is the information and knowledge offered?
  • Do the techniques really work for everyone?
  • Am I learning fundamental knowledge or fancy tricks?
  • Are alumni running successful businesses?

There are a lot of training classes out there, and ideally everyone would attend every class. If you can attend multiple classes, come to CCI first to get a solid foundation. If you have to choose just one, choose the one that gives you a solid technical foundation without gimmicks: GFRC for Pros.