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July 29, 2023

Raw Creative was co- Foundered in 2014 by Mike Blea, a CCI Alumni, and Breton Lujan. From its inception, this Denver, Colorado company has embodied the essence of artistry, marrying a multitude of mediums such as wood, metal, and concrete to craft extraordinary custom works. Each piece, wether sculptural or functional is made with exquisite attention to detail.

At the heart of Raw Creative’s concrete studio is Nick Longwell, an individual whose passion for concrete fabrication transformed from a  hobby to a full time career. Through his immersive exploration of the process and materials involved, Nick unearthed a love for pushing boundaries in his concrete designs. Today, his role as Concrete Studio Lead at Raw Creative is more than just a job – it’s an invigorating journey of constant discovery. Each day unravels a new challenge, offering him the joy of continually pushing the envelope in design and functionality.

Below are just a few more of the striking concrete creations fabricated by the Raw Creative team. To see more of their work or delve deeper into their fabrication processes, check out their website: www.rawcreativedenver.com