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CCI Alumni Success Stories

CCI training WORKS. It’s that simple.

Want proof? Look at the amazing creations by our alumni from around the world. The real proof of a training program is the success of its alumni. Get hands-on training from The Concrete Countertop Institute, and get started on the road to your success.

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CCI Alumni Success Stories


After attending all the ‘Big Name’ training courses, this by far has been the best. Jeff is not only taught & demonstrated how, but also providing engineering & education that supporten his theories on overall areas of concrete countertop manufacturing. I really enjoyed getting all the information from an independent source. The CCI does not sell products, just needed information to be successful in this industry. I highly recommend this course & CCI to anyone making concrete countertops. Thanks for everything!

– Troy, IA

Thanks for offering this class. I do not think this level of expertise could possibly be offered elsewhere. I feel confident that my concrete business will be successful because of Jeff and Lane. I loved the networking I received and I did not have to reinvent the wheel by making costly mistakes on my own. If you are a person that is serious about pursuing this as a business, don’t miss this opportunity. The tools, especially the calculators, are worth the cost of the class. CCI’s level of professionalism and knowledge is top notch. Thanks!

– Annette, IA

I use the literature at least once a week as a reference guide. The sealer knowledge was worth the price of the class alone; thus far, I have no callbacks (knock on wood!). I am regularly using all of the forms on the CDs, from checklists, to contracts, to estimates and pricing. The hands-on portion helped me build confidence in some areas where I was unsure of myself. Following Lane’s marketing advice has definitely gotten me business with some designers and showrooms. Most importantly Jeff’s advice on projects provides a perfect crutch to give me the motivation to take on the projects that scare me. Lots was learned in class, many questions were answered, I learned new techniques, and most importantly I enjoy the support when I need some. Thanks CCI!

– Bruce, SD

The class helped me refine my craft and push my knowledge of concrete to the next level. I have two different kitchen and bath showrooms carrying my bath vanity sinks. Both have had so-so experience with a previous concrete fabricator in the past; so I felt they were a bit hesitant at first when I pitched to them, but both places were blown away when they saw the sample sinks I brought to the meeting. The common response, before I said a word, was, “WOW! I have seen concrete before, but I didn’t know it could be so nice and refined.” I truly believe the reason my work always gets a great response from people is because I have had the proper training. Even though there is always more to learn, at least I have a solid foundation to build upon when I explore and create in the future.

– Peter, NJ

The presentation and order of material is perfect. I am very thankful you covered “Concrete 101” at the end of Day 4 and not Day 1. It gave us ample time to experience the material and to have an understanding of what was going on. I never felt like this was a scripted class and that is perfect! You both obviously speak from a lot of experience and knowledge gained from actually doing every aspect of this business. On Day 1, I knew this was a solid investment and I have gained 4 more days of reassurance that I made the correct choice.

– Bentley, TN

I just completed the GFRC class, which is my third class at CCI, and in each class I felt so thoroughly taught with how precise the instruction was. With all the new technology and admixtures we used to make the product, I felt very enriched and familiar with the new material taught. Being a high school masonry teacher for 29 years, and being within the masonry field for 38 total years, it felt very good being a student once again. Participating in Jeff’s classes has not only helped me with my trade, but has also shown me new skills with his enthusiasm; it has helped me with my own classes, with Jeff’s teaching methods reflecting upon me, that I may now give back to my students. As I will be retiring from the school system next year, for my 30 years of teaching, I will use some of the skills and techniques Jeff has taught me to pursue my own business for the rest of my life.

– Jeff, NC

I’ve never liked reading testimonials, because you never put in a bad one. I was a little skeptical after reading them but also very excited. I know now what they are talking about and would recommend this class to anybody who wants to learn concrete countertops. I believe this is a basic first step to countertops. You have to know how they work before you can design. Without proper installation and preparation the best looking design might not work. I think Jeff is a first class person, who treats everybody well and knows what he is talking about. CCI is well run establishment.

– Chris, MI

While on the way home, I went over the things I learned in Jeff’s class, and the best way to describe my experience there is this… I thought that I needed this class because I figured I had about 20% of the knowledge about concrete countertops. Well, Jeff taught me the other 80% that I needed to get started in my own business, and in the process he showed me that half of what I thought I knew was wrong!! Thanks CCI – this has been a great class, and you haven’t seen the last of me. I’ll definitely be back for more.

– David, MS

First of all I would like to thank you for having the vision and guts to put together this program. I have been so impressed with everything you have put together and the dedication and professionalism of everyone at CCI. It has been evident from my first contact with you and your people that you have a passion for what you do and a crystal clear understanding of this industry and where it could go. I am blown away with the amount of information I gained in only 5 days, not only on the technical aspects but the business side as well. Every question I had was answered and more. The class size was perfect to learn from others and still not get lost in the crowd. The fact that interation and creative input is so encouraged is refreshing, and I am impressed by the knowledge and willingness to teach and help by everyone at CCI whether or not they are involved in the production process. It is by far the most I have learned in 5 days and my plans are to become a big player in this industry, with your help and teaching I have no doubt it will happen. With your willingness to help us after we have all gone home and the new ideas you are creating we have no excuse not to succeed. Thank you for everything.

– Perry, IA

I just wanted to say thanks for putting on such a great course and how much I enjoyed the whole experience. It was so much more, on every level than I was expecting and hoping for. I’m really happy to have learnt some of your techniques and have great respect for your approach, an attitude I’ll be endeavouring to maintain throughout my own efforts…knowing what we are doing and why we’re doing it and keeping things as simple and easy as possible. Demystifying how concrete works, making it well and finishing it for our purposes was what I really wanted to get out of this but I came away with so much more, the most significant for me being how to stand on my own two feet and then take and keep control of my product/business. That was something you guys did really well, which I really appreciate. Everything Lane did with us too was great. Just such an eye opener. Without knowing what I’ve now learnt, from both of you, I would have probably floundered business wise. It was good to go out for dinner with you all and get to know everyone and the food you put on during training was fantastic.

– Nick, Queensland

Taking the Ultimate Concrete Countertop Class was the defining point of my business success. I learned so many things and tricks that you don’t find easily online. What I love the most is that I learned how to make amazing concrete stuff from scratch, no premix bag. I feel like I’m really doing something spectacular. I haven’t regretted this decision once. The best part is that Jeff hasn’t stopped helping me even after the classes. Whenever I get a project, I send him an email and he makes sure to answer every single question I have. I would attend any other classes CCI offers in a heart beat.

– Tamika, Haiti

The class provided rich hands-on training based on a thorough knowledge of materials, procedures  and  experience; enriched with very important and practical pointers from the CCI team, that they have collected from years of experience. Especially, seemingly small tricks and insights are often difficult and costly to develop on your own. Then there is the enthousiasm of Jeff and Lane to share their knowledge and experience in a well-organized place that invites all of the participants to explore and question every aspect of the training. I was very impressed with their instruction and hospitality skills to organize the course in an unforgettable way. The added bonus is the free membership, with zero cost to access to their webinars, high quality information on the website and blogs and even personal contact information. It gives me the feeling that the Master is always nearby to assist me if I need him.

– Jan, Aruba

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