5 FULL DAYS of the Most Intensive Creative Concrete Training on the Planet

Feb 24-28, 2020 in Orlando, FL at the working shop of Price Concrete Studio


Intensive training for serious professionals.

REGISTER EARLY! This is the Ultimate class in the ultimate destination – Orlando, FL!

You have the DRIVE to create with concrete. You DREAM about the concrete creations you want to make. Make those dreams a reality with the most intensive creative concrete training on the planet. In 5 action-packed days, get a solid foundation in GFRC and build on that right away by taking it 3-D and making it look amazing.

You’ll get 5 full days of training, 350 pages of textbooks, 8 hours of online seminars, 2 hours of live action videos, a diploma, and LIFETIME, PERSONAL SUPPORT directly from Jeff Girard. No other training offers this level of content and support. CCI is 100% dedicated to YOUR success.

But this class goes even further, far beyond the hands-on experience to give you what you REALLY need to be successful: The knowledge to build a successful business. To do that:

  • You need to know how to market, sell and price your concrete creations effectively.
  • You need to manage your projects to avoid problems and mistakes that will destroy your profits.
  • You need a complete, turnkey system for BUSINESS.

That’s what’s really going to make you successful, and that’s what you will get with The Ultimate Creative Concrete Training, available only from CCI.

Held at the Working Shop of a Successful CCI Alumnus

In this class, you will see firsthand the results that CCI training will give you, because this class will be held at the working shop of CCI Alumnus Caleb Lawson of Price Concrete Studio. Learn from Jeff Girard what Caleb learned when he started in 2013, and get the added benefit of seeing exactly how Caleb took that training and built a successful business.

You will also join the global community of CCI alumni like Caleb – join the community that cares about you and your success.

Join us! Why hesitate? You know you want to. Go ahead, take the leap and make your concrete dreams a (successful and profitable) reality.

Tuition: $4235 ($2500 for CCI alumni) – Pay only a fully refundable $500 deposit now to reserve your spot.

Schedule: February 24-28, 2020 in Orlando, FL at the working shop of Price Concrete Studio

Registration: Register now with only a $500 deposit, fully refundable. Register EARLY for this event! Start your creative concrete business with a tax-deductible trip to the top tourist destination on the planet, at the perfect time to visit!

Build a successful creative concrete business. Plan now for the Ultimate training in the ultimate destination!

What will I learn?

What you will learn:

  • Mold making for countertops and integral sinks
  • Sink and faucet layout
  • The from-scratch formula and calculator for a simple, 100% successful, properly engineered, GFRC mix
  • How to spray mist coat correctly for the best finish
  • How to apply backer coat correctly for the strongest concrete
  • When to use scrim for extra strength
  • Foam coring for even lighter weight
  • Grinding and polishing GFRC
  • How to seal GFRC
  • Detailed list of exactly what products you need (and don’t need) to get started
  • Mold design considerations based on the look you’re trying to achieve and the mix you’re using
  • How to build complex 3-dimensional molds using simple materials such as melamine, foam, and flexible plastic
  • How to take a project from concept to finished
  • Using GFRC to create the signature Buddy Rhodes pressed look, as well as exposed aggregate, high spray, and glazing

What you will receive:

  • Over 200 pages of extensive reference materials PLUS a 54-page textbook on GFRC
  • 2 hours of live action videos on GFRC – A great refresher/reference to remind you of what you learned in class!
  • 4 hours of GFRC online seminars
  • The 80-page Sinks & Molds textbook covering mold making principles as well as various materials and techniques including rubber
  • 3.5 hours of online seminars covering 3-D mold making for both GFRC and Precast projects
  • Detailed information and plans for ramp and vessel sinks, fire features, lounge chairs and more: Ramp Sink Plans, Vessel Sink Plans, Fire Features Online Training, Ridge Fire Pit Plans, Crater Fire Pit Plans, Cube Table Base Plans, Lounge Chair Plans
  • A diploma
  • Lifetime post-class support directly from Jeff
  • Lifetime membership in The Concrete Countertop Institute

Will this really make me successful, with just 5 days of training?

Yes, if you go home and work hard and apply what you learned. But don’t take our word for it, look at the CCI Alumni Success Stories. When you become a CCI Alumnus, you have far more than training –  you have a life-long network of supportive colleagues.

Do I get to take anything home?

Yes! If you drive to class, take home one of the class projects! (We will draw names if we have more drivers than class projects.) We don’t sell our class projects, they become part of YOUR portfolio.

How is this class different?

When you’re considering professional training ask yourself, “Where’s the proof that this training works?”

  • Is the instructor a good teacher? Can I see examples of his teaching style? Check out Jeff’s style.
  • Am I learning fundamental knowledge that I can build on for years to come? Will I learn not just how, but why?
  • What level of reference materials and support will I receive? Can I pick up the phone and call the instructor personally any time, or is he too busy with his own business to care about mine?
  • Are alumni running successful businesses? Ours do. If you’re considering any other training program, ask yourself where are the successful alumni of this program? Is this company focused on themselves or on me?

At CCI, we are 100% dedicated to building your knowledge, your confidence, and your success. And we’re really good at it! But don’t take our word for it. Look at the success stories of our alumni. THAT’s the proof that a training program actually works.

And in fact, you will witness this firsthand at the Feb 24-27, 2020 class, held at the working shop of a CCI Alumnus!

There are a lot of training classes out there, and ideally everyone would attend every class. If you can attend multiple classes, come to CCI first to get a solid foundation. If you have to choose just one, choose the one that gives you a solid technical foundation to build your business on.

Why should I take this class rather than some other GFRC class?

When you train with CCI, you join a community that cares about YOU and your success. Beyond that:

1. You will learn fundamental knowledge and a true understanding of not just how, but why.

GFRC is a highly specialized material with decades of research that show it requires certain fundamental ingredients and construction techniques in order to perform as expected. When done right, GFRC is extremely strong, flexible (literally) and durable.

When you understand not just how, but why, you will have 100% confidence in your GFRC made with these techniques – after all, those who construct massive building panels have relied on them for decades.

Engineers make things only as complicated as they need to be so that the building or bridge doesn’t fall down. Be certain your GFRC creations won’t fail by relying on sound engineering principles. The laws of physics don’t change, so that’s why our information doesn’t change with the seasons.

2. You will make a sound investment of your money.

There are cheap classes out there. There is only one reason a vendor would offer free/cheap hands-on training, and that is to sell product. We prefer to price our training based on its value, making it a sound investment for professionals interested in long-term good business practices.

There are also expensive classes that emphasize fabric forming. The value of learning the fundamentals of GFRC, of truly understanding not just how but why, is far greater than the value of spending a day and a half sanding a fabric formed mold. Fabric forming is just one tool in your toolbox. It won’t make you successful. Fundamental technical understanding will.

But don’t take our word for it. CCI alumni have proved over and over that CCI training WORKS. As Jeff says, “I don’t need to brag about my own accomplishments, when so many of my alumni all over the world have used CCI training to build a foundation that made them successful.” That’s the real proof that training is worthwhile. See the proof here.

3. Practical considerations of the ease of travel, plus the class experience.

Consider also when choosing a class, the ease of travel to the friendly and fun town of Raleigh, NC. Our shop and the recommended hotel in downtown Raleigh are located an easy 20-minute drive or $40 cab ride from the airport. Experience a fun town with a vibrant downtown scene. In downtown Raleigh there are 90 bars and restaurants within walking distance from the hotel. Click here for more information about accommodations and things to do in Raleigh.

Our London, ON location is also convenient to travel to, with a local airport, and has a wide selection of dining and entertainment options.

When, where, and cost?

When and where is this class offered?

The Ultimate Creative Concrete Training class is offered approximately quarterly. The next dates are February 24-28, 2020 in Orlando, FL, at the working shop of CCI Alumnus Caleb Lawson of Price Concrete Studio.

How much does it cost?

$4235 ($2500 for CCI alumni.) Click here to register.

Breakfast, hot lunch and all class materials (textbook, mix calculator, videos and more) are included, plus all the benefits listed above.

Stay tuned for hotel recommendations near the Orlando shop location.

What’s the class size?

The Ultimate class is limited to 15 students.

Who should take this class?

This class is for people serious about starting and succeeding in a business creating countertops, sinks, furniture, fire pits and more with concrete. You do not need prior concrete experience, but you do need to be very handy and capable of professional level crafts such as carpentry, tile work, home building, etc. This class is not for do-it-yourselfers. Consider the Level 1 self-study course instead.

How do I sign up?

Click here to register for the next class.

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