You want a countertop that is inexpensive and problem-free, something creative that you can be proud of. This is possible IF you know what you’re doing. Concrete countertops are an advanced DIY project and shouldn’t be over-simplified. Many books and videos do just that by dumbing it down too much and downplaying all the details necessary for constructing a high-quality concrete countertop. Not at CCI.

We’ll do more than try to sell you a proprietary “cake mix” that you supposedly just add water to. We’ll educate you about all the details that will make or break the success of your project, using from-scratch mixes with ingredients that in most cases you can pick up at your local hardware store.

Warning: The feeling you get from creating a beautiful, functional concrete countertop of your own design is addictive. You may never be the same.

DIY or beginner concrete countertop training (great for beginner contractors too!):





CCI founder Jeff Girard got started as a DIYer too!

“I want you to be able to do a project, do it in a reasonable amount of time, and be proud of it, and to have your friends and family look at these creations and say, ‘Wow, I didn’t even know that concrete could be that. I’m so happy for you.’ And I want you to be happy now, tomorrow, and next year, and 5 years from now, and 10 years from now when you look at these things and every day you’re going to be using them and feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment. Because you can do this.” – Jeff