Finale DIY Concrete Countertop System
Finale DIY Concrete Countertop System
$199.99 - $475.00
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Finale DIY Concrete Countertop System


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Size: 45 sq ft Kit
Size: 45 sq ft Full Kit including sealer, etc.
Size: 90 sq ft Kit
Size: 90 sq ft Full Kit including sealer, etc.
Total: $199.99
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Finally! A DIY concrete countertop system that is truly easy. No forming, no mixer, no reinforcement, no installation! It’s as easy as frosting a cake. Simply apply Finale Concrete Countertop System over your existing countertops. It’s real concrete, but without all the mess and the weight.

  • Renovate your kitchen
  • Prepare your house to sell
  • Flip a property

Finale DIY Concrete Countertop SystemTM

Transform your countertops to concrete the fast, easy, and affordable way.


Transform your old, outdated countertops and get the kitchen you’ve dreamed of without the mess, time and cost of replacement.

Resurfacing your countertops with real concrete takes only one weekend and radically changes the look of your kitchen from drab and dated to modern and elegant. “Paint” your countertops with real concrete!

Finale can transform laminate, plywood, tile backer board and even resurface/restore concrete countertops.


Finally! DIY concrete countertops that are truly easy. No forming, no mixer, no reinforcement, no installation! It’s as easy as frosting a cake. Simply apply Finale over your existing laminate countertops.

It’s real concrete, without all the dust and the mess and the weight, in a simple system developed by The Concrete Countertop Institute.


Finale costs a small fraction of professional concrete, less than $5 per square foot. For only about $200, you can completely transform your countertop.

There’s also no need to buy expensive or specialized equipment. The Finale system uses common household tools such as a cake mixer!



Here are a few examples of the amazing transformations you can achieve with Finale DIY Concrete Countertop System.

This is an AirBnB that got a really quick facelift with just Finale and a new sink and faucet:

DIY Concrete Countertops microtopping before after


This is a more extensive kitchen remodel. The curved edges of the laminate countertop were removed and replaced with wood, and this kitchen got all new cabinet doors, wall treatments and appliances.

Finale DIY Concrete Countertops before after edges


This is a rental property that was prepared for sale simply by painting the cabinets white and “painting” the countertops with Finale concrete.

concrete countertop paint before after


This is a kitchen that already had a modern look, but the laminate was too dark and speckled. Finale brightened and lightened the kitchen.

before after concrete countertop paint gray white kitchen




  • Finale weighs only about 1/3 pound per square foot. Compare that to 1.5″ thick traditional concrete at 18 pounds per square foot, over 50 times heavier!
  • Each layer of Finale is only 3 cups of mix. No mixing heavy concrete in heavy equipment. Just use a kitchen mixing bowl and handheld cake mixer, and apply with a spatula or trowel!


  • VERY LITTLE DUST! Finale Concrete requires only light hand sanding, a quick and easy process that produces minimal dust.
  • Our recommended sealers are water based and completely food safe.


  • With Finale, you don’t have to worry about doing a whole bunch of work forming, mixing, reinforcing and casting only to have your concrete turn out bad. If you’re not satisfied with the finish or the color, simply apply another layer.
  • It’s so easy, anyone can do it without any special skills or training. Just follow the videos with clear, detailed instructions to ensure success. All of the knowledge and experience of The Concrete Countertop Institute went into developing a system without any guesswork. You can be confident in this concrete!


  • Finale Color gives you a full range of natural color options, including black, white/off-white, tan, and a range of grays. Add Glazes to deepen the natural tones or add bright colors.
  • Ovation and Omega sealers give you additional options for color enhancement and sheen.
  • Finale can go over laminate, plywood, tile backer board or concrete.


  • Finale is real concrete. It gives you the beauty of concrete without the difficulty of traditional concrete casting methods.
  • Finale has natural variation and movement that are actually hard to achieve with traditional concrete casting. Your countertop will be a unique work of art.



  • One kit covers approximately 45 sq ft using 3 coats of the recommended thickness.
  • The kit price of $199.99 works out to $4.44 per sq ft.
  • Finale can be used to cover either laminate/concrete or plywood/tile backer board. The only difference is that laminate/concrete requires 1-2 coats of Primer, whereas plywood/backer requires 3 coats of Primer.



The Finale DIY Concrete Countertop System basic kit includes the following components:

  • Finale Primer 32 oz  (1-3 coats of 45 sq ft each)
  • Finale Concrete 18 lbs (3 coats of 45 sq ft each)
  • Finale Trowel for applying the concrete
  • 60 grit diamond hand pad for surface prep and sanding
  • 60 mL syringe for measuring water

The Full Kit includes the following components:

The 90 sq ft kits come with 2 Primers and 2 Concretes.

If you prefer our professional level Omega Concrete Countertop Sealer , please order the basic kit and add Omega and any other desired components individually.



Finale has a natural off-white appearance. For color options, we offer Finale Color 8 oz in Mist (warm gray), Iron (neutral gray), Ebony (black/cool gray), Dune (tan) and Ivory (white).

Click here for a color guide

The color guide shows some of the amazing possibilities and specifies how many 8 oz bottles to purchase and formulas for how many teaspoons or tablespoons to use per 10 sq ft.

Please note that powdered pigments do not work with Finale. The liquid Finale Colors are specifically developed to work with Finale Concrete.



Click here for a complete and detailed list of everything needed to apply Finale

The Finale process uses basic tools and materials you likely already have in your kitchen and garage. No large, expensive, or specialized tools are needed. For example, Finale DIY Concrete Countertop System uses measuring spoons, a cake mixer, painter’s tape, etc.

Also, the written instructions explain which tools are needed for each step. Please review the written instructions and gather everything you need before starting your project.



Spend a weekend, and you can have a totally transformed countertop! Here is an overview of the steps:

Friday night: Clean, Scuff, Prime and Apply First Coat

  • Remove sink
  • Clean countertops
  • Scuff countertops
  • Apply primer and wait 1 hour
  • Apply first coat of Concrete

(If your laminate is damaged and needs repairs, or if you are changing the edges, you will need to allow at least a full day for these steps.)

(If you are resurfacing existing concrete countertops, follow the instructions in this article.)Finale Concrete Process - Day 1

Saturday: Apply Second and Third Coat and Hand Rub

  • Lightly hand sand first coat (minimal dust)
  • Apply second coat and wait 3-6 hours until fully dry
  • Lightly hand sand second coat (minimal dust)
  • Apply third coat and wait 1-3 hours until 50% dry
  • Hand rub third coat (no dust)

Finale Concrete Process - Day 2

Sunday: Apply sealer

  • Lightly hand sand third coat (minimal dust)
  • Apply Ovation or Omega Concrete Countertop Sealer

Finale Concrete Process - Day 3

That’s it! Give your freshly sealed DIY concrete countertops a day to cure before you re-caulk and re-install your sink, then use care with them for the first week. The concrete and the sealer continue to cure and gain strength and durability that will provide you with a beautiful, functional surface for years to come.




1. Surface Preparation & Priming

(If your laminate is damaged and needs repairs, please refer to the Written Instructions.)

(If you are resurfacing existing concrete countertops, follow the instructions in this article.)

2. Measuring & Mixing

3. Applying the First Coat

4. Sanding the First Coat

5. Applying the Second & Third Coats

6. Hand Rubbing the Third Coat

7. Sealing



Click here for the Written Instructions

More information:



Technical Data Sheet


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