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Instructional Videos for Finale DIY Concrete Countertop System

Following are the video instructions for Finale DIY Concrete Countertop System, step by step.

Please read the written instructions in addition to watching the videos. The written instructions allow you to quickly look up key information such as mix ratios.

The videos and the written instructions are geared toward resurfacing laminate countertops with concrete. If you are resurfacing concrete countertops (with better concrete), here is some further information:

1. Surface Preparation & Priming

(If your laminate is damaged and needs repairs, please refer to the Written Instructions.)

(If you are resurfacing existing concrete countertops, follow the instructions in this article in addition to watching these videos and reading the Written Instructions.)

2. Measuring & Mixing

3. Applying the First Coat

4. Sanding the First Coat

5. Applying the Second & Third Coats

6. Hand Rubbing the Third Coat

7. Sealing

Remember, it’s important to read the Written Instructions as well.

Thank you for using Finale for your DIY concrete project, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions, and to send photos of your completed project!