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with engineering based products and training designed specifically for professionals. Learn not just how, but why, and be more successful.

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Omega professional concrete countertop sealer

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Engineering based products that take the worry out of delivering high quality projects to clients.

Step by Step GFRC with Mix Design - Free Training

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Access free, in depth articles about every aspect of how to make concrete countertops.

how to make GFRC concrete countertops online training

Pro Self-Study Training

Get detailed online training on all aspects of how to make concrete countertops, furniture and more.

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Intensive hands-on training for people who want to succeed in a concrete countertop business.

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Our customers and alumni are the best-informed and most successful concrete artisans in the world.

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Get a FREE, high content seminar on How to Make GFRC: A Step by Step Process (with Mix Design)

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and hello to confidence and success.

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The Maker & The Mix

Exploring the art and science of creative concrete

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GFRC Seminar
Instant Free Access:

You will learn:

The biggest mistake almost everyone in the industry is making that compromises strength and risks failure.

A cost-conscious, from-scratch mix design that really works

Exactly which tools and materials you really need, all non-proprietary and at the best prices.

How to make DIY concrete countertop free seminar

DIY Seminar
Instant Free Access:

You will learn:

A simple, from-scratch mix design that really works!

How to template, form, mix, cast, cure, polish, seal, install.

Exactly what equipment you need – and don’t need