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Alpha ProTM – Materials you can trust.

Alpha Pro Admix is an ultra-powerful concrete admixture for concrete countertops, furniture, sinks, wall panels and more made with UHPC, GFRC and ECC. It is a potent blend of powerful reactive ingredients and CCI’s revolutionary Alpha Pro Polymer, giving you all the incredible strength gains that highly reactive pozzolans provide plus the added performance that only Alpha Pro Polymer can give you. This highly engineered and thoroughly tested powerhouse will transform your concrete and your business.

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Alpha Pro Admix makes strong, dense, and flowable concrete, and can yield exceptional surface details with minimal effort. Coupled with Alpha Pro Fluidizer, your concrete can flow like syrup and make casting fast, efficient, with superior surface quality and exceptional casting detail.

High early strength means you can demold and handle your pieces quickly and with confidence. One day flexural strength routinely exceeds competitive artisan-based mixes that struggle to achieve similar flexural strengths after a week or more. This rapid strength gain also means that your concrete reaches peak strength in only 7 days instead of the usual 28 days with other popular artisan mixes, and those 7-day strengths routinely exceed the competitor’s 28-day strength. The bottom line is that your concrete is stronger and more durable, and you have more confidence and fewer failures when you use Alpha Pro Admix.

Alpha Pro Admix saves you money and time. Using it eliminates the need for sourcing, storing, and batching separate liquid curing polymers, pozzolans, defoamers, and shrinkage reducers. Add Alpha Pro Admix to your own sand and cement, and you can easily create hard, dense concrete with very high early strength, yet still remain economical when it comes to the cost of making your concrete.

Alpha Pro Admix was developed by an actual licensed civil engineer with nearly 25 years of experience making craft concrete. It has undergone years of testing and is an invaluable ingredient that you can trust.

Alpha Pro Admix is highly effective and fully compatible with Portland cement but should not be used in CSA-cement based mixes, as CSA cement does not activate pozzolans. Instead, we recommend Alpha Pro Polymer for all CSA cement-based concrete.


  • Greatly increases flexural (bending) and compressive strength.
  • Increases one day strength for early and confident demolding.
  • Designed for the production of UHPC, GFRC and ECC.
  • Well suited for many casting and finishing techniques, such as spraying, SCC, direct casting, hand-packing, and troweling.
  • Increases density and hardness.
  • Improves workability and flowability.
  • Increases surface quality and helps capture fine detail.
  • Improves color dispersion and intensity.
  • Contains a powerful defoamer that helps significantly reduce pinholes and eliminate foaming.
  • Simplifies sourcing and batching.
  • Easy to dose and mix.
  • Eliminates the need for a 7-day wet cure.
  • Helps reduce drying shrinkage cracks, surface crazing and curling.
  • Unaffected by freezing temperatures during shipping or storage.
  • Suitable for all interior and exterior applications in all climates because it is UV stable and provides freeze/thaw resistance.



Some manufacturers state their coverage at 1 inch thick, even though this is not a typical thickness. However, for comparison: One 30 pound bag of Alpha Pro Admix will make 294 pounds of concrete that covers 26 square feet at 1 inch thick. The same amount of concrete (294 lbs) will cover 34.6 square feet at 3/4" thick.

  • At the per bag price of $99.99, this equates to $2.89 per square foot for 3/4" concrete or $3.85 per square foot for 1" concrete.
  • At the pallet price of $85.99 per bag, this equates to $2.49 per square foot for 3/4" concrete or $3.31 per square foot for 1" concrete.

Alpha Pro Admix goes further than other admixes. For example, one other admix's 30 pound bag will make 188.2 pounds of concrete that covers 14.6 square feet at 1 inch thick. This equates to $5.82 per square foot. However on a per bag basis, this admix costs slightly less.

When choosing an admix, don't be fooled by a per bag price. Understand the real coverage and yield of the product in order to make a fair comparison. And of course consider quality and performance first.

Mix Design:

1 cubic foot mix:

Fine Sand - 57.40 lbs
Cement - 45.40 lbs
Alpha Pro Admix - 14.00 lbs
Water - 17.20 lbs
AR Glass Fibers 19mm - 3.50 lbs (2.55%)

Total Cementitious Content: 57.40 lbs
Water/Cement Ratio: 0.30
Total Concrete Weight: 137.50 lbs

1 bag mix (50 lbs blended mix):

Sand - 24.60 lbs
Cement - 19.40 lbs
Alpha Pro Admix - 6.00 lbs
Water - 7.30 lbs
AR Glass Fibers 19mm - 1.50 lbs (2.55%)

Total Cementitious Content: 24.60 lbs
Water/Cement Ratio: 0.30
Total Concrete Weight: 58.80 lbs

Mixing Instructions:

Concrete made with Alpha Pro Admixture is most effective when pre-blended into your sand before adding your mix water.

Ice should be used to chill the mix water to 55°F to 65°F. Chilling your concrete greatly increases working time and improves flowability. Use the CCI calculator for determining ice quantities needed.

  1. Dry blend together all of the sand, Alpha Pro Admix, plus pigments and Alpha Pro Fluidizer.
  2. Add all the mix water plus ice to the sand + admixtures. Mix until all dry material is wetted out.
  3. Gradually add all the cement and blend until fully mixed.
    • Add about half of the cement and blend until mix wets out.
    • Add half of the remaining cement and blend further until mix wets out.
    • Add remaining cement and blend until all dry ingredients are incorporated.
    • Scrape the bucket and the mixing paddles well, then mix continuously on medium to high speed for no less than 2 full minutes. This is most important for flowable SCC/direct cast mixes.
  4. Add fibers last. Gradually add the fibers to prevent clumping and mix slowly to prevent whipping air into the mix. Ensure the fibers are fully wetted out and well dispersed throughout the mix. Do not mix on high speed.


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Thanks for signing up for our seminar! Check your email for further instructions.