How to Make Pro Concrete Countertops without Problems or Callbacks


Get all the technical details – the secrets and tips that give you the solid foundation of knowledge you need to succeed with confidence.

Learn every single step from templating to installation, in detail.

Understand not just how, but why, and you’ll be able to produce high-quality, high-priced concrete countertops that high-income clients will pay for.

Are you a professional who wants to take all of the mystery and confusion out of how to make precast and GFRC concrete countertops? Do you want to understand not just how, but why?

This package will give you the technical foundation you need to be successful with concrete. It will teach you exactly how to do every step of precast and GFRC concrete countertop making, from templating to installation.

This intensive self-study course includes:

  • Step by step instructions for templating, forming, reinforcing, mixing, casting, curing, processing and sealing
  • Completely understand from-scratch mix design, reinforcement and sealing - not just how, but why
  • Get detailed live action videos for exactly how to create strong, lightweight GFRC
  • Detailed instructions on important topics such as how to reinforce complex shapes and how to deal with undermount sinks
  • Learn what professional-grade tools you need to invest in, and which ones you don't

The result: CONFIDENCE! You'll have all the knowledge at your fingertips to make high-quality concrete countertops (and more!) without technical problems, resulting in minimum worries and maximum profits.

"This was one of the best decisions I ever made by choosing your methods on how and why. I’m in my 3rd year after studying the pro course. I try to read or watch a video in each part of my day so I can sharpen my skill set and improve my product. It’s fun like a big art project." - Jeff in MI

What you'll get:

- Mix calculators for both precast and GFRC from-scratch mixes, that do all the math for you, compute costs, include color formulas, and print out an easy to use batch report.

- 355 pages of textbooks for precast and GFRC that contain complete explanations of how concrete works and why, detailed step-by-step instructions, and multiple diagrams and photographs about:

  • Professional templating methods
  • Professional forming methods
  • How to construct casting tables
  • Reinforcing of both simple and complex shapes, including large sink holes, curves, and cantilevers
  • Principles of concrete countertop mix design
  • Precast mix formulas for 2 mixes, one all-sand and one aggregate-based, that achieve compressive strengths of over 4000 PSI in 1 day
  • GFRC mix formula
  • How to cast and cure, and what concrete is actually doing when it cures
  • How to grind, hone and polish
  • Grout formula
  • Detailed information about sealer chemistries, from acrylic to urethane, and how to apply professional-grade, stain-proof sealers
  • How to transport slabs to the job site
  • How to achieve the perfect installation, including undermount sinks
  • List of all the professional-grade materials, tools and equipment you really need, and where to get them

- Detailed, live action videos for exactly how to do GFRC.

This is the most comprehensive, detailed self-study course on all the technical details of how to make precast and GFRC concrete countertops. Order now.

PS - Want to start a business doing this? Consider our How to Start (and Succeed at) a Business Making Concrete Countertops course instead. It includes everything in this course, PLUS all of the business help you need, such as how to price concrete countertops and market them to high end clients and designers.


Thanks for signing up for our seminar! Check your email for further instructions.


Thanks for signing up for our seminar! Check your email for further instructions.