Diamond Hand Pads for Concrete Countertops
Diamond Hand Pads for Concrete Countertops
$9.97 - $79.72

Diamond Hand Pads for Concrete Countertops


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Grit: Set of 4 (60, 120, 200, 400 grit)
Hand Pad, 60 Grit
Grit: 60 grit
Hand Pad, 120 Grit
Grit: 120 grit
Hand Pad, 200 Grit
Grit: 200 grit
Hand Pad, 400 Grit
Grit: 400 grit
Hand Pad, 3500 Grit
Grit: 3500 grit - SALE!
$19.93 $9.97
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Everything you need in a premium diamond hand-pad for concrete countertops:

  • High concentration of diamonds for faster cutting and longer life
  • Narrow gradation of diamonds for a better surface quality
  • Ideal binder for long life; won’t flake off like many inferior pads
  • Coarser grits use electroplated diamonds overcoated with resin for better life
  • Coarser grits can be used wet or dry
  • Finer grits (800-3500) use premium resin binder for superior diamond encapsulation and a better quality finish
  • Finer grits wet use only
  • Color coded foam backing pad makes grit identification easy and permanent

Our foam-backed design offers 3 important benefits that make these hand-pads outstanding performers and excellent value for the money:

  • Color-coded foam makes grit identification easy, even when the pad is old and dirty.
  • Foam backing protects the diamonds from flaking off, resulting in longer life. Other thin, hook-and-loop style diamond-faced sheets crack, wear unevenly, and their black hook-and-loop backing makes grit identification difficult or impossible after the sheet has been used for some time.
  • Our block-shaped foam backing is both functional and ergonomic: use it as a squeegee while hand-honing, or use it as a sanding block when hand-sanding with wet/dry sandpaper. Plus, the foam can easily be cut down to make a thin, flexible hand-pad for honing tight curves.

Watch this video to understand how the design of the CCI diamond hand pads makes them the best diamond hand pads for concrete countertops:

Use each grit as follows:

  • Use the 60 grit hand pad to knock off sharp edges, and quickly create an eased edge.
  • Use the 120 grit hand pad for refinement or light shaping.
  • Use the 200 grit hand pad for smoothing prior to grouting and for light grout removal.
  • Use the 400 to 3500 grit hand pads to supplement 5″ diamond pads in spots where you can’t reach with a machine.

Visit our diamond polishing page for more information and articles.

Why choose these hand pads?

CCI’s diamond resin polishing pads and diamond hand pads were designed specifically for the concrete countertop industry. These are not pads borrowed from the granite industry that work well on stone but not so well on concrete, nor are they bargain-basement lookalike disks offered because they provide a generous profit margin to the seller. They’re designed and tested by CCI, the most knowledgeable and experienced force in the concrete countertop industry.

These are the best hand pads on the market. Period. Because we are a training company, not a product sales company, we choose our products based solely on quality and suitability, not on the profit margin they earn for us.

How do other diamond hand pads compare?

Here are examples of other, lower quality diamond hand pads.

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Set of 4 (60, 120, 200, 400 grit), 60 grit, 120 grit, 200 grit, 400 grit, 3500 grit – SALE!