FREE! “Step by Step GFRC with Mix Design” Online Seminar


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Step by Step GFRC with Mix Design

A message from Jeff Girard:

“Do you understand the latest technologies for producing high-quality, high-performance, lightweight concrete countertops? Do you know how glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) countertops compare to traditional cast-in-place and precast technologies?

Get the answers in this seminar. I will teach you how to create amazing GFRC projects, give you a from-scratch mix design and explain how to make your GFRC strong and reliable.”

You will learn:

  • The biggest mistake almost everyone in the industry is making that compromises strength and risks failure. You won’t make that mistake!
  • A detailed, step by step procedure including tips for spraying mist coat, the trickiest skill to master.
  • A from-scratch mix design that really works
  • Exactly which tools and materials you really need, all non-proprietary and at the best prices.

CLICK HERE to access the FREE recording of this online seminar.

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