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Concrete countertops in Finland

In August 2010, I visited my student Matti in Helsinki, Finland to help him incorporate some new technologies and efficiencies into his successful concrete countertop and furniture business.

It was so interesting learning about Finland and also traveling to Matti’s factory in Estonia. Many things are the same: kitchen designers, home shows, Home Depot-like stores. Many things are different: The ex-Soviet influence, saunas, the language that bears no resemblance to English or any Latin-based language.

My wife Lane accompanied me as well and was able to visit Estonia briefly and tour around Helsinki.

Check out the photos on Facebook and also this article Lane wrote, portions of which were published in Architectural Countertops & Surfaces magazine. Also visit Matti’s website at

samples pouring vanity Estonian concrete

Matti has built a thriving concrete countertop and elements business in a country of only 5 million people who had not previously heard of concrete countertops. You can do it too!

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