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I just completed the GFRC class, which is my third class at CCI, and in each class I felt so thoroughly taught with how precise the instruction was. With all the new technology and admixtures we used to make the product, I felt very enriched and familiar with the new material taught. Being a high school masonry teacher for 29 years, and being within the masonry field for 38 total years, it felt very good being a student once again. Participating in Jeff’s classes has not only helped me with my trade, but has also shown me new skills with his enthusiasm; it has helped me with my own classes, with Jeff’s teaching methods reflecting upon me, that I may now give back to my students. As I will be retiring from the school system next year, for my 30 years of teaching, I will use some of the skills and techniques Jeff has taught me to pursue my own business for the rest of my life.

– Jeff, NC

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