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I just wanted to say thanks for putting on such a great course and how much I enjoyed the whole experience. It was so much more, on every level than I was expecting and hoping for. I’m really happy to have learnt some of your techniques and have great respect for your approach, an attitude I’ll be endeavouring to maintain throughout my own efforts…knowing what we are doing and why we’re doing it and keeping things as simple and easy as possible. Demystifying how concrete works, making it well and finishing it for our purposes was what I really wanted to get out of this but I came away with so much more, the most significant for me being how to stand on my own two feet and then take and keep control of my product/business. That was something you guys did really well, which I really appreciate. Everything Lane did with us too was great. Just such an eye opener. Without knowing what I’ve now learnt, from both of you, I would have probably floundered business wise. It was good to go out for dinner with you all and get to know everyone and the food you put on during training was fantastic.

– Nick, Queensland

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