DIY Kit (Makes 60-80 sq ft)

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Level 1 Getting Started VIDEO Training Course

Over 7.5 hours of live-action videos from templating to installation! Plus a step-by-step textbook and mix formula.

Pozzolan - VCAS 50-lb bag

VCAS 160 is a white pozzolan that improves long-term strength, decreases porosity, reduces efflorescence and eliminates alkali-silica reaction.

VCAS should be used at the following dosages:

  • 15% cement replacement for precast mixes
  • 20% cement replacement for GFRC mixes


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Superplasticizer - WR420 quart

This is a powerful liquid superplasticizer that adds significant workability and fluidity, acts quickly and doesn’t make the mix thick or sticky. It is designed to be especially effective with mixes that have a high content of finer sands and particles. It can be used to achieve a homogeneous flow in mixes with high fines, a softer flow in mixes like GFRC, and can soften a mix slightly without imparting too much sag or slump.

Dosage Rate: 0.1- 2% of Cement Weight

The ultimate indicator of an overdosage of plasticizer is segregation of the mix. Make test batches prior to production to ensure optimum dosage.


Viscosity Modifier - Super Slump Buster

Fritz-Pak's Super Slump Buster is an easy to use, powdered viscosity modifying admixture (VMA). It is used to reduce the slump of concrete, essentially performing the opposite of a high range water reducer (superplasticizer). It also helps prevent segregation in aggregate-based mixes.

Please see the product page for detailed information about dosing and mixing procedure.


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For about $1 per square foot, these are the essential specialty ingredients that are absolutely necessary for high-quality concrete countertops and cannot be obtained from a local home center or contractor supply store.

What’s Included

This set includes the following items:

  • Pozzolan (VCAS), one 50-lb bag
  • Superplasticzer, one 1-quart jug
  • Viscosity Modifier, one 500-gram bag
  • The self-study video course is also optional, but highly recommended, for a complete explanation of these ingredients, the mix design, and 7.5 hours of live action videos of every step from templating to installation!


The first 3 ingredients will make the following quantities of concrete using the mix formula in the Level 1 Getting Started self-study video course:

  • 80 sq ft at 1.5″ thick (about 8.0 sq m at 40 mm thick)
  • 60 sq ft at 2″ thick (about 6.4 sq m at 50 mm thick)

That is typically enough for a small kitchen countertop plus a bathroom countertop. Kitchen countertops tend to be about 40 sq ft if they don’t have an island and 80 sq ft if they do, and bathroom countertops tend to be either 6 or 12 sq ft.

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