Learn not just how, but why.

CCI training WORKS. It’s that simple. Want proof? Look at the amazing creations that our alumni make. Since 2004, almost 2000 people from all over the world have attended CCI training, and their proven success is what matters most.

CCI training is the only program that gives you an understanding of not just how, but why. You’ll have a solid technical foundation that frees you from worrying about failures and callbacks.

Your training doesn’t stop when you leave the class. You’ll have lifetime support and membership in the community of CCI Alumni running successful businesses all over the world.

We are 100% dedicated to supporting our students. We are here to build your knowledge, your confidence, and your success.

Train with CCI now, and get started on the road to your success in creative concrete. Join the community that cares about you and your success.

Join us at an upcoming class:

5-day Ultimate Course


Intensive training for pros ready to succeed in business.

$3995. Feb 12-16, 2024

2-day Pro GFRC Course

2 day professional GFRC training

Learn how to make GFRC the right way and get a solid foundation for your creativity.

$895. Feb 8-9, 2024

Meet your instructors:

Learn at the working shop of one of the preeminent concrete artisans today.

CCI classes are co-taught by CCI president and founder Jeff Girard and our star alumnus Caleb Lawson of Lawson Design at Caleb’s working shop.

Jeff Girard

Jeff Girard Concrete Countertop Institute training consulting

Hi. I’m Jeff Girard, founder and president of The Concrete Countertop Institute. My biggest hope, and my biggest source of joy, is that I can make your creative concrete journey a little easier.

My mission is to give you a solid technical foundation as well as business guidance to be successful in your endeavors, freeing you to focus on your creativity and the real meaning to you of creating with concrete.

I am honored and humbled that I’ve had the opportunity to teach and mentor so many people. Since 2004, I’ve trained almost 2000 people from around the world.

I am proud to build a community of concrete professionals who pour hard work and pride into their businesses. People like Caleb. Caleb took this exact training in 2013, and has since built a successful and thriving creative concrete business.

That is what I hope for all of the students who show up at class with a dream to make a living creating with concrete. That is my raison d’etre, my purpose, my life’s calling. That is what makes it all worth it.

I’m here to help you master the fundamentals, to truly understand not just how, but why. That technical understanding will enable you to be successful without having problems. Then you can confidently create your own style and your own vision.

All of my teaching comes from an engineering standpoint, based on sound scientific principles. My approach is not based on experience that comes from making mistakes over and over and eventually finding solutions but not understanding why those solutions work. I will tell you why. I will give you a solid foundation. Let me help you create YOUR success story.

Jeff Girard sitting on cantilevered concrete table

Caleb Lawson

Caleb Lawson Concrete Countertop Institute training consulting

Hi, I’m Caleb Lawson with Lawson Design in Canton, NC.

I got into concrete in 2012 after a chance conversation with a member of my church, Chuck, led me to start managing his concrete countertop business, Price Concrete, in 2012. After just a few months, I went all in: I purchased his business. I loved working with my hands, creating something beautiful that lasts. I was hooked on concrete.

But I was in over my head. Chuck wasn’t able to train or support me properly, and I needed help. I sought training from the best mind in this niche industry: Jeff Girard. That was October 2013.

Since then, I’ve had the privilege of working on incredible concrete projects, always knowing that Jeff had my back. I’ve grown as an artisan and a business person.

As I’ve developed my own style, it has reinforced my belief that success starts with substance. It is essential to have a solid foundation of technical knowledge on which to build your creativity. CCI gave me that foundation.

In 2021, I moved my shop from Orlando, FL, to my wife’s small hometown of Canton, NC, and changed the name to Lawson Design. It was time to focus on my family and to make my own mark on the concrete industry under my own family name.

I’ve come to consider Jeff a friend as well as a mentor. I’m honored to teach alongside him and to give others the opportunity to build their success, like I did, creating with concrete.

Come see my shop, and see exactly how I did it! Join me in the community of concrete artisans.

Caleb Lawson spraying GFRC large concrete countertop

You can do it!

Do you want to do what Caleb did? You can.

He and Jeff will teach you exactly how he does it, in his working shop.

You will join Caleb and the entire group of successful CCI alumni who are part of the most intensive creative concrete training and support program ever offered.

You will receive lifetime personal support from both Caleb and CCI founder Jeff Girard.

Join us. Be a part of the community that cares about you and your success.

5-day Ultimate Course


Intensive training for pros ready to succeed in business.

$3995. Feb 12-16, 2024

2-day Pro GFRC Course

2 day professional GFRC training

Learn how to make GFRC the right way and get a solid foundation for your creativity.

$895. Feb 8-9, 2024

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Thanks for signing up for our seminar! Check your email for further instructions.