Professional High Performance Concrete Countertop Sealer

Omega Concrete Countertop SealerTMThe last sealer you’ll ever need.

Omega is a revolutionary new high performance, professional grade urethane concrete countertop sealer that is also fast and easy to apply. Omega allows you to do in 2 hours what used to take 2 days with other pro urethanes. You’re done in a matter of hours, and never have to worry about callbacks again.

This is a unique two-component, water-borne aliphatic-polyurethane that is highly reactive and not dependent on humidity to cure. It rolls on quickly and easily without worrying about streaks or bubbles in the final finish. The finish is ready for light use as fast as one day after application.

Your sealer woes are finally over. Click here for more information.


Food Safe DIY Concrete Countertop Sealer

Ovation Concrete Countertop SealerTMThe simple sealer for everyone.

Introducing the revolutionary new single component, water based concrete countertop sealer that also performs. In the past, single component sealer choices were limited to under-performing acrylics or flammable solvent-based treatments. Ovation is water based, food safe, non-flammable and can be used indoors and outdoors. It’s easy enough for DIY concrete countertop projects, and high performance enough for pro projects.

Get Ovation now, and see how easy sealing concrete countertops can be. Click here.


Sealer chemistry basics videos:

Part 1: Treatments

Part 2: Coatings


Part 3: Testing

Click here for an extensive article describing the detailed testing procedure.


Articles about sealers:

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Sealer recommendations:

No matter which sealer you choose, it is essential to:

  • FOLLOW the manufacturer’s instructions exactly
  • PRACTICE applying the sealer
  • TEST the sealer before using it on any client’s project to confirm that it performs as expected.

Consider the CCI concrete countertop sealers Omega (for pros) and Ovation (for DIYers).



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Thanks for signing up for our seminar! Check your email for further instructions.