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July 8, 2023


Joren Smith and his team at Elements Concrete Inc. create hand crafted concrete pieces that have a combination of artistry and durability that only comes from years of hard work and mastery in the trade. Based in Cape Cod Massachusetts, Joren’s team works with designers, builders, and home owners to bring their concrete visions to life. Joren doesn’t just work in functional concrete fabrication but also creates custom works of art including life castings which display in concrete the beauty and wonder of the human body!

“I’m lucky I get to get up every morning and go make things. It’s difficult. It can be frustrating but it’s also extremely fulfilling. Concrete has been life changing for me. I’m right where I’m supposed to be.” – Joren Smith.

Above are just a few of Joren’s recent residential creations. To see his life casting sculptures and hear more about his relationship with Hiram Ball check out this article titled “There Were Naked Bodies Everywhere!” You can also check out more of Joren’s work on his Instagram accounts: @elementsconcreteinc @thebodycaster or on his website: www.capecodconcretecountertops.com