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June 10, 2023

Wayne Rodgers of Batch & Trowel in Denver is obsessed with concrete. That obsession shows not only in the quality of his work, such as the photos below, but also in the strength of his business.

Wayne took The Ultimate Creative Concrete Training course in February 2017. He has since built a thriving business, but success was not instant or effortless. That takes work and perseverance, especially with the challenging medium of concrete.

VoyageDenver online magazine recently featured Wayne’s story. That story demonstrates the typical stages of an aspiring creative concrete professional:

  • Inspiration: “For some reason, I thought I wanted to start a company that had something to do with concrete… I googled it. I got excited.”
  • Training: “(I took an) in-depth class on concrete countertops. I learned how to do it, and went straight back home and made stunning countertops for my house right in the garage.”
  • Obsession: “I couldn’t sleep because of all the thoughts running around in my head.”
  • Practice: “The amount of troubleshooting and divining I’ve done to get the process nailed and streamlined is painful to even think about.”
  • Mastery: “We’ve reached the top tier in our niche industry where we can make anything you can draw on a piece of paper.”

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The demand for creative concrete is only growing:

“Most people don’t even know we exist or why they would even want it or what benefits there are. But once you see it, you want it. I encounter general contractors all the time who had no idea such things were even possible. They can’t believe it.

99% of people don’t know about it, and my phone is still ringing off the hook. But those in the dark are starting to catch on, so it can only go up from here.”

Well said, Wayne.