How to Achieve Color Consistency in concrete countertops: Part 2 of 3

The last article talked about the importance of measuring ingredient precisely, especially water. It is also very important to understand that you must measure by weight, not by volume.

Suppose a mythical concrete countertop mix included cotton balls as one ingredient and golf balls as another. Clearly a much larger volume of cotton balls would be needed to make one pound, versus one pound of golf balls.

There are some ingredients which seem to have consistent weight-volume conversions, such as water. You know that one quart of water is 32 (fluid) ounces. So you could just measure your water using a container with ounce or quart markings on it, right?

Not so. Measuring containers are typically not designed to a high degree of precision. Watch this video to see why using measuring containers can lead to errors and inconsistency.