Why the CCI diamond pads are the best

There are many different sources, names, styles and prices on the market for diamond pads for polishing concrete countertops. This can be very confusing, and what often happens is selection comes down to price. This is unfortunate, because in many cases a cheap pad will cost you more in the long run. Use the information gathered here to make a good decision on diamond pads.

The Concrete Countertop Institute’s diamond pads and hand pads that have all the features you want in diamond pads for concrete countertops.


All the features you want in a diamond pad for concrete countertops:

  • High concentration of diamonds for faster cutting
  • Narrow gradation of diamonds for a swirl-free surface
  • Thick enough for long life
  • Thin enough to be flexible
  • Ideal channel design to eject slurry and prevent clogging
  • Ideal resin binder for long life without glazing

These pads offer great value and great performance. Click here for pricing.


CCI’s diamond resin polishing pads and diamond hand pads were designed specifically for the concrete countertop industry. These are not pads borrowed from the granite industry that work well on stone but not so well on concrete, nor are they bargain-basement lookalike disks offered because they provide a generous profit margin to the seller. They’re designed and tested by CCI, the most knowledgeable and experienced force in the concrete countertop industry.

These are the best discs on the market. Period.

They give you everything you’ve been looking for in a premium polishing disk: versatility, fast cutting, quality finish and long life. Unlike thick, rigid pads, they don’t curl and wear unevenly. The thin pad is flexible, so you can hone flat surfaces and curved sinks with ease. Numerous, wide grooves channel slurry out from under the disc, reducing clogging, premature pad wear and scratches from the cuttings. And tightly graded, premium industrial diamonds cut fast but leave a smooth, scratch free surface.



Everything you need in a premium diamond hand-pad for concrete countertops:

  • High concentration of diamonds for faster cutting and longer life
  • Narrow gradation of diamonds for a better surface quality
  • Ideal binder for long life; won’t flake off like many inferior pads
  • Coarser grits use electroplated diamonds overcoated with resin for better life.
  • Finer grits (800-3500) use premium resin binder for superior diamond encapsulation and a better quality finish
  • Color coded foam backing pad makes grit identification easy and permanent


These pads offer great value, performance and versatility. Click here for pricing.


Our foam-backed design offers 3 important benefits that make these hand-pads outstanding performers and excellent value for the money:

  • Color-coded foam makes grit identification easy, even when the pad is old and dirty.
  • Foam backing protects the diamonds from flaking off, resulting in longer life. Other thin, hook-and-loop style diamond-faced sheets crack, wear unevenly, and their black hook-and-loop backing makes grit identification difficult or impossible after the sheet has been used for some time.
  • Our block-shaped foam backing is both functional and ergonomic: use it as a squeegee while hand-honing, or use it as a sanding block when hand-sanding with wet/dry sandpaper. Plus, the foam can easily be cut down to make a thin, flexible hand-pad for honing tight curves.


Why do we offer only one diamond pad choice, when everyone else offers so many?

When you polish with a diamond pad, it has only one job to do, and that’s to hone or polish the concrete as quickly as possible and leave the best finish. Professionals want to stock only one type of pad, the best tool for the job, not necessarily the cheapest tool.

When you look for a pad you look for lots of characteristics – good quality diamonds to give both a good finish and an agressive cut, the right kind of binder so the pad doesn’t wear out fast, good pad design so it doesn’t clog or curl.

Lots of stone pads and floor pads have been relabeled for concrete countertops. In contrqast, these are pads designed by the industry leader to be exactly what a concrete countertop professional needs.


How do other diamond pads compare?

Here are examples of other diamond pads and hand pads that exhibit uneven wear, warping and cracking. Some have binders or channel designs that don’t work well for concrete versus stone, and some are too thick or too flexible. The videos above explain why these products fail.


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