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September 23, 2023

Diane Mullis is an accomplished concrete artisan based in Twin Cities, Minnesota. She holds two prestigious Bachelor of Science degrees; one in Mechanical Engineering and the other in Applied Mathematics.

Her academic prowess intertwines seamlessly with her practical expertise. She honed her skills and technical knowledge of concrete even further through training at The Concrete Countertop Institute’s Ultimate Class. The skills and knowledge she acquired ensure that every creation she forges exudes a harmonious blend of artistic allure and unmatched functionality.

At Pro Concrete Countertops, Diane crafts a wide range of bespoke concrete creations. Pieces include elegant countertops to exquisite fireplace surrounds, captivating furniture pieces, and custom works of art. Diane transforms concrete into an open canvas for her clients’ boundless imaginations.

Diane enjoys playing with shapes and colors within her concrete designs.This exploration with the material allows her to create works with bold vibrant colors and unique eye catching designs.

To see more of Diane’s work head over to www.proconcretecountertops.com