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Floral Edging for the “Tuscan” Look in Your Concrete Countertop

Concrete countertops allow decorative details that are not possible with any other type of countertop. Decorative edges are an exciting way to add pizazz to your countertops.

The following photo shows a floral edge that offers stunning detail and looks particularly good when paired with a veined or “pressed” look in an Old World color scheme such as Tusan Creme.

Floral edge in tan concrete countertop with white veining


The following photo shows a tile, a knob and a cabinet door sample on top of an Umbria colored countertop. You can see the deep ochre color of the countertop with the rich brown veining.

concrete countertop sample with matching tile


The following photo shows an amber acid-stained countertop with floral edging on top of dark cherry cabinets. The amber and cherry provide a warmer look than the previous color scheme of ochre and brown.

concrete countertop with floral edge pattern amber acid stain


Imagine the possibilities when you can incorporate fancy edging with Old World colors, pulling together your cabinet trim, flooring, wall colors and tile! With concrete, any color scheme or shape is possible.

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