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November 11, 2023

Keith Raymond is a seasoned concrete artisan and owner of Mohawk Valley Concrete Countertops. This craft concrete studio is located in New York and services areas covering Syracuse to Albany. Keith is know for crafting exquisite concrete surfaces ranging from enhancing interior and exterior home decor to furnishing commercial spaces with a specialization in kitchen countertops.

A member of the Concrete Countertop Institute Family, Keith attended class in 2019 and has since continued to hone his skills with dedication and passion. His work showcases his meticulous attention to detail, a foundation built on integrity, and a profound sense of care for the pieces he creates with his hands. With years of hands-on experience and an intimate understanding of concrete’s unique chemistry, Keith possesses the ability to manipulate this versatile material with artistry.

Keith’s creations go beyond mere utility; they are custom works of art that breathe life into the spaces they adorn. Each piece, thoughtfully designed and expertly executed, doesn’t just serve a practical purpose, but elevates the aesthetics of its surroundings.

Below is more beautiful concrete crafted by Mohawk Valley Concrete Countertops as well as a recent photo of Keith Raymond and Jeff Girard. To stay updated with Keith’s latest works, be sure to follow @mohawkvalleyconcretecountertop on Instagram.