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December 2, 2023


Original Concrete Design is led by talented owner and artisan, Josh Canelli. At home in upstate New York, this craft concrete fabrication studio specializes in creating exquisite concrete products tailored to the taste and desire if their clientele. The dedicated team at Original Concrete Design fabricate a diverse array of products for both commercial and residential clients.

Each concrete project the Original Concrete Design studio undertakes is designed from a client-centric ethos. Josh and his team collaborate closely with their clients, ensuring that every finished piece not only meets but surpasses expectations.  Throughout the fabrication process, from planning to sealing, an unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that each commissioned creation is constructed with the highest quality. The concrete crafted by Original Concrete Design is built to be cherished and utilized for generations to come.

To see more stunning concrete by Josh Canelli go to www.ocdconcrete.com