The Maker & The Mix, Episode 25: Engineering Art & Mastery – Jason Johnston’s Craft Concrete Odyssey

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In this episode of “The Maker & The Mix”, we’re joined by Montreal’s premier craft concrete artisan, Jason Johnston of Béton Johnstone Architectural. Delve into Jason’s transformative journey, where he emphasizes the pivotal role of comprehensive training and its lasting impact on his craft.

The story is compelling: From owning a skate shop, and realizing that “waiting for someone to walk in” wasn’t stirring for him, Jason took his path into his own hands, discovering craft concrete and an immediate passion. Knowing that passions are best explored from a place of strength, Jason sought the best training in the industry, coming to Ultimate in January 2015. A seasoned engineer, with thousands of alumni in prominent positions throughout the industry paired with an artisan whose clientele includes Hospitality Industry giants and multibillionaire homeowners, and is ever growing; one doesn’t achieve such feats by skimming the surface. As evidenced by our meticulously engineered 16-foot table, when art meets precise engineering, magic happens. It’s not just about the “how,” but deeply understanding the “why.” Jason knows this.

In 2015, Jason embarked on his journey with our Ultimate Craft Concrete course, and today, his operations push out nearly 17,000 square feet of GFRC annually, and he oversees a team of 12 dedicated professionals. Listen to Jason’s story, and be inspired to create your own!

At CCI, our commitment to excellence is mirrored in the successes of our alumni, like Jason. As you immerse yourself in his story, you’ll discern the depth, understanding, and mastery attainable through our courses. For those poised on the cusp of their craft concrete journey, Jason’s story offers a glimpse into a future filled with potential and expertise.

Episode 25 Transcript