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CCI Alumni Success Stories

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This course is very thorough and very professional. They take their product seriously and don’t cut corners. Highly recommend for serious people with thoughts of pursuing this career.

- Ron, Ontario

I am thrilled I made the investment in this intensive course and I stand behind saying this class was the most effective way for me to learn hands on what I needed to be successful. This has by far been the greatest experience I’ve ever had.

- John, Ontario

I’ve talked about doing a GFRC course for years and I finally got to it and so I glad I did! Brett & Jeff taught me a lot of things that I would not have found out by just watching a video or trying to teach myself. Thank you both very much and hope you get to see my work!

- Pete, Ontario

This week was an amazing learning experience. Thank you so much for fulfilling this need in this industry. It has enabled us to be much more successful going forward and given us so much more confidence and the knowledge we need to do good work.

- JoNell, Oregon

I loved this experience and would spend the money again at the drop of a hat!

- Robert, UK

Thanks very much for the opportunity. I can’t imagine trying to start our business without having this support and training. It has given us confidence that we have the knowledge and access to a support system to make us successful.

- Keith, Oregon

Great experience learning hands on, on how to make GFRC products. This class gives you the confidence to go start your business.

- Jason, Pennsylvania

I am a hands on learner. This class covered all aspects of the process with a strong focus on learning with your hands.

- Chase, Hawaii

A very clear guide and practical experience of how GFRC fits into the broader universe that is concrete.

- William, Ohio

The combination of Jeff and Brett was awesome, as each has their own unique perspectives. The amount of knowledge I gained in one week is greater than the trial and error of months in my garage!

- Justin McCain

The training accelerated my learning by 2 years. I now have the confidence to take on projects I would have passed on before. The hands-on nature of the training was fantastic! Just enough sit-down training to provide time for questions and set up the activities.

- Jeff Rogers

As someone who already manufactures concrete countertops, Jeff and Brett helped me take my business to the next level. The fabric forming and 3D mold making class gave me the confidence to make my countertops a work of art while being totally functional for everyday use.

- Brian Puskas

I thought I knew a lot about concrete, but quickly learned I was just scratching the surface. The learning was non-stop.

- Angela Doughtry

This is the ONLY class you need to get started with concrete countertops and furniture. Both Jeff and Brett know their stuff and are very thorough in the material they teach.

- David Gingerich

The information gained from attending the ECC portion of the class was incredibly thorough and valuable. Jeff and Brett are truly masters of their craft!

- Russ Beach

I’ve been dreaming about coming to a CCI Ultimate class for nearly five years. With a shove from my wife, I finally did it. It is a small investment in comparison to the knowledge gained as well as all the additional resources. I think anyone who is considering this line of work should start with a CCI Ultimate.

- Brandon Koehler Kila, MT

A life changing course that is going to steer my life in a totally new and exciting direction.

- Leif Olson Camrose, Alberta

I knew nothing about this field 6 weeks ago. Now I feel that I can be successful doing this for a living. I am very impressed with what can be done with concrete.

- Terry Maurer Bristow, VA

I think this course was a really good introduction to this industry. I was taught everything from A-Z and on top of that, the proper way to do it. Like Jeff says, you can learn this all online but it is not the level of quality he holds to. Ultimately, that is the most important part. Thank you for holding this course and for doing such a great job at it.

- Aiden Kokkas Gainsville, FL

I am someone who typically researches and learns to do things on my own. The information on concrete is overwhelming and knowing what is correct is extremely difficult to decide. That paralyzes someone like me. To experience the class and learn from Jeff is so helpful in my confidence and a great boost to carry on.

- Phil Beck Winston, Salem, NC


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Thanks for signing up for our seminar! Check your email for further instructions.