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CCI Alumni Success Stories

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I learned not just how to do things but why we should do them a specific way. This has been the most thorough seminar I have attended. Teaching all aspects of the process and not just touching on a few.

- Travis, OR

Thanks for a great course. I am very appreciative of what CCI does for me and the industry.

- Andy, OH

Jeff is a natural-born teacher as well as an accomplished artisan, which is rare. The engineering foundation for the course and approach is just perfect, in my opinion.

- Don, NY

The information from the class has given me a new confidence in my ability to make functional concrete countertops.

- Scott, FL

I thought the class was excellent. I tried on my own first, and decided to come to class. I don’t think most people could succeed in this business without this training.

- Todd, NC

I got much more than I expected out of this class, both in quality and quantity.

- Michael, VA

Jeff really knows this industry. This is way more than an ‘artistic’ or ‘how-to’ class. It explains necessary, structural facts that you need to know in order to make a product that not only looks good but lasts.

- Jason, GA

This was a great class that was well-organized, with an outstanding instructor.

- Dan, NC

It would have taken years of experimenting & testing to achieve the knowledge learned in a few days. Now, with confidence in the structural integrity of my products, I am able to focus more design, color and creativity.

- Justin, AL

With CCI training, my dog could make concrete countertops!

- Tom, MO

CCI is the Harvard of concrete countertop training. I have no doubt I can go home and produce a top-quality product.

- Della, NC

I have the confidence to make a countertop, sink, and furniture using the processes that I learned at CCI. My previous knowledge of concrete was very vague. I know that with practice in our shop we can train ourselves with CCI as our foundation.

- Jeff, MI

I came to this class with a hazy view on building concrete countertops and over the past week I have seen the light and I am now crystal clear and confident that I can make some super pieces.

- Jessica, VA

I have cast concrete before but nowhere near the quality that CCI taught me. This course should be #1 on your starter kit list!

- Mariusz, NJ

I would highly recommend this class for anyone starting out in the concrete countertop business…great for learning various new techniques.

- Matt, TN

I have been monitoring the countertop industry for years. After attending CCI I will say that Jeff is the premier countertop resource.

- Andy, ME

I thought I knew a lot about concrete until I came to this class. I have saved years of frustration.

- Jessie, MO

Highly recommend this class for the individual who wants to produce a quality product. Jeff gave me the training so thorough I really have confidence in the product I produce.

- Dan, CO

CCI training is well worth the time and money invested. It gave me a jump start into concrete work and the confidence to move forward in the industry.

- Evan, MD

This class has eliminated possibly years of failure through trial and error, along with boosting profit by explain & showing the best & efficient & cost effective way to run a business.

- Troy, WI


Thanks for signing up for our seminar! Check your email for further instructions.


Thanks for signing up for our seminar! Check your email for further instructions.