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CCI Alumni Success Stories

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The CCI training has fortified the concrete work that I currently produce. The Ultimate class has reinforced the basics that I already know and has given me lots of other tips and tricks that I can use to save time and money while producing more creative concrete.

- Tiimo Mang, Lakewood, CO

Great class which gave much more content and information then initially expected. Very well delivered by Jeff and his team. Thank you. Looking forward to putting what I have learned into practice.

- James

I have taken a couple different countertop courses. This is by far more bang for the buck. The knowledge and confidence I’m leaving with is unmeasureable.

- Jack

Invaluable. For this medium, this class is a must. You simply can’t get a jump on the learning curve without CCI.

- Nathan

My experience was excellent, everything that I didn’t understand after reading the book has been explained.

- Brent

Course was very informative, would recommend to anyone in concrete countertop business.

- Andrei

Really good, technical class that makes you understand concrete so you can customize it to your application.

- Eric

Total 1,000% comprehensive countertop education from casting table, mix design, GFRC to sealers and everything in between. CCI is the most comprehensive countertop education in the industry. I checked out other classes and they did not even come close to Jeff Girard’s class. The return on investment of the five day class far outweighs the cost.

- Mac

This class provided me with not only knowing how to do things a certain way but why to do them that way. And in doing so that knowledge I can also carry into other aspects of decorative concrete.

- Pete

The class was very well taught. I learned a lot of new techniques. I am very comfortable now to make and sell countertops. This course gave me the confidence to be able to do so. Thanks!

- Dale

This is a wonderful learning tool for GFRC above my expectations for what we learned. The hands on experience you can never get by watching a video or reading a book. The knowledge and experience along with all the insight and tips was way beyond any of my expectations. I can’t wait to learn more.

- Marcy

With the classes I have attended it has given me the confidence with I have been trying to attain. This has moved me into making a decision to make decorative concrete a primary business. The classes have shortened my learning curve. Great!

- Robert

The course provides an ideal blend of classroom and hands-on time. There’s always an opportunity to be either listening to advice, working with concrete/tools, or asking questions. High value for inputted time.

- Dale

Great class, highly recommended

- Michael

Before this class I had a few potential countertop clients. I was hesitant to give an estimate because I didn’t feel confident in my abilities. After this class I feel I am more confident I can create a more consistent product. I am now looking forward to GFRC projects.

- Mike

Jeff and Lane sincerely care about my success and it shows in their attitude and education, thanks Jeff and Lane.

- David

No matter what your skill level is with concrete or decorative concrete or concrete countertops I can safely say a student will learn enough in the class to make the time and money investment worth it.

- David

This has opened doors to a new career opportunity for me. It lets me be creative to use my hands and mind always challenging me to find other uses for this product to share with future clients.

- Bob

Jeff and Lane put on fantastic learning events. The information provided during the class is instrumental in running a successful concrete countertop business.

- Casey

I enjoyed the class and am ready to put it to use. Learned so much about GFRC and why it works, not just the how. I feel much more confident about being successful with this. Will be taking more classes in future to expand my knowledge.

- Zach


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