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CCI Alumni Success Stories

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I only had watched videos and read articles on concrete. I wouldn’t have been as successful and would have been frustrated had I not taken the classes. The business and marketing section was very appreciated as well. Thank you.

- Darcy

I came to Raleigh with a lot of trepidation when it comes to countertops. Jeff fixed that. Jeff is not flash. I say that in the best way possible! I’ll take knowledge over flash any day! Thanks!

- Scott

Jeff provides great practical hands on knowledge. I’m looking forward to using his insight on my next project.

- Eric

I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to get involved or further their skills with the material. Very hands on. Feed the students well!

- T.J.

Highly recommended to anyone wanting to learn about GFRC for your business or if you want to do a home project.

- Rhett

This was a very thorough and well rounded course in GFRC countertops. Jeff fully explains why you do things a certain way and shows you how to avoid the pit falls when producing GFRC countertops.

- Richard

Class was very informative and insightful toward the complexity of countertop construction. Very helpful with instilling confidence in me to move forward with concrete tops.

- Jared Molyneux

With the Ultimate Class workshop I feel it provided me with the knowledge and education I would need to produce concrete countertops and GFRC products with a lot more confidence. The things I have learned will help me be able to produce a better product than if I was to learn a lot on my own.

- John Campanella

Truly appreciate the unbiased reasons for using particular products and materials. Grateful you weren’t selling anything.

- Mitch Brown

This class was great! It was nice to get another view of concrete countertops besides reading a bunch of text online. Great hands on experience. I definitely recommend this class to anybody who wants to learn how to make amazing countertops with concrete. Jeff ad Lane are awesome!!

- Tamika Craan

Class is a great detailed overview of the fundamentals and process of fabrications concrete countertops for the purpose of making $.

- Travis Hebron

This class gave me a big head start and confidence to go home and take on projects right away.

- Mark Schreck

The Ultimate Class answered many questions I had before and provided new ideas that created even more questions that were answered. I look forward to applying my new skills.

- Todd Carpenter

This class has offered clear and concise instructions on how I can fabricate and market high-quality concrete.

- Christopher R., Barbados

This class provided me with the knowledge to start a very solid business. Jeff and Lane really made me feel at home and I would recommend this class to anyone interested in making serious concrete.

- Nathan K., Sauquoit, NY

It was not a product push. It was very straight froward with a lot of facts and reasons for things. Not just ‘Do it my way’.

- Danny M., MI

A very technical insight into the how and why of concrete. A course definitely worth doing.

- Richard P., England

Jeff and Lane have provided me with absolutely all the knowledge I need to get my concrete countertop business started and operational. Great class!

- Joe V., MI

This is the best investment I made for my business. I now feel fully confident that I can produce a quality product for my customers.

- Nathan S., NC

This was what I was looking for… my confidence is back. My motivation is at a new height. I wish I would have made this decision a long time ago!!!

- Student, OH


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Thanks for signing up for our seminar! Check your email for further instructions.