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CCI Alumni Success Stories

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This course was perfect for someone with some experience in the precast process and no experience with GFRC, and was a great primer for being a better countertop contractor.

- Andy

This class was everything I had hoped for, and makes me want to come back for other classes.

- Alben

This class was an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge in GFRC.

- Terry

Enjoyed the class, very informative. Can’t wait to get home and start playing.

- Paul Carter

Jeff and Lane provide a great learning experience and kept each student focused and engaged on the tasks at hand.

- Shannon Moreno

Exactly what I had hoped it would be informative and efficient, learned valuable technicalities that I can beneficially apply to my work and generate profit.

- Tarek Hazime

I truly enjoyed the class. It was very informative. I am leaving with a much better understanding of concrete itself. What it can do. The literature is very well done and I am leaving the class very excited and even pretty confident.

- Joe Schroeder

I thought I knew more than I did before this class. Jeff didn’t just teach us how but why. This should be the standard for countertop classes.

- Deano Michieli

Excellent bases on step by step to give me the knowledge to produce a quality product that will out perform my clients needs. Ultimate Class is a must.

- Mike Bouchard

The class was great! Jeff is an amazing teacher and his knowledge of how materials work makes understanding concrete much easier.

- Tito Marrero

I’m very happy with how the class was handled. I feel I gained alot of info and can not wait to start making concrete countertops and making money.

- Jade Zachman

The class really fills in the areas that I had any questions about and the resources are great from what products to use, where to get then from and how to use them. Look forward to the future in concrete products.

- R. Bryan Groves

I would advise the class to anyone with experience with concrete and countertops because it gives you confidence to produce and stand behind the product. It also helped me to open my mind to all the possibilities.

- Jacob Creighton

Got me out of work for the week 🙂 and gave me a wide knowledge range of ideas. Much better than any other course I have done before. Thanks!!

- Brett Thompson

Great class with a lot of hands on work and just the right amount of classroom time. Jeff is a great guy to learn from, not only concrete but also things like shop set-up, and how to catch a fly… he truly is Mr. Miyagi.

- Brett, Canada

This class provided me with the confidence and know how to move forward in a career of working with concrete.

- Michael, England

This is a great course that if you attend, you have no excuse to not have the clinical and practical base to complete great projects. Exciting information!

- Dina, WA

I came into the class thinking I had a pretty good idea of how to create things with concrete. I am leaving knowing that I now have the knowledge and tools and support to make anything I want. Very well worth everything.

- Jason, IA

I would like to thank Jeff and Lane for their professional teaching in all aspects of this course. I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about starting a countertop business.

- Mario, Canada

Great class. I learned a lot.

- Steve, MI


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Thanks for signing up for our seminar! Check your email for further instructions.