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CCI Alumni Success Stories

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This was a great class. It was very interactive and taught me a lot of new information about all aspects of GFRC Concrete.

- George, MT

This class is an investment in yourself. It gives you the tools and the knowledge you need to begin your journey in the concrete experience.

- Christian, AK

This class was all I hoped for and more. Truly comprehensive and established a relationship I expect to pay dividends far into the future.

- Neil, NY

Excellent class to learn the ‘hands-on’.

- Kent, NE

This training is an awesome experience. Jeff and Lane have exceeded my expectations in every aspect. We are now prepared to begin offering this new and exciting product to our clients who want the unique beauty and durability of concrete countertops, showers, tubs, and furniture. Eagle Concrete is a natural extension of the already extensive and diverse offerings of Eagle Wood Works, LLC.

- Rich, SC

Jeff and Lane are both extremely knowledgeable in both the hands-on aspect and business. Awesome class and I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about getting into the world of concret.

- Jay, TN

I came to this class with no experience with concrete. The text books and class turbo-charged my knowledge of concrete countertops. I saved so much time and probably lots of money by coming to CCI.

- Steve, CA

I feel everything is well organized and managed. I learned a lot about GFRC.

- Bulat, Khazakstan

I would recommend this workshop and class to others in my company. I would consider having Jeff come teach my employees the class at my facility in Texas.

- Todd, TX

I studied a lot before coming to class with the online training material, videos, and even forums. That said, the confidence and technique that comes with hands-on training significantly helps make that somewhat giant leap from design and knowledge to production.

- Joel, SD

CCI and Jeff supplied me with the knowledge to confidently build quality concrete countertops. They used a scientific and proven method to answer questions that had plagued me for years.

- Scott, WA

It was worth the cost of the class just to see how an engineer built the tables, set up his shop, and thought through the process.

- Wayne, CO

This class was overwhelming at first, but towards the end it all comes together and you have the understanding and knowledge to start making great products. I am very excited to get started on my new career.

- Gary, WA

The course was an excellent learning tool to be able to gain knowledge/skill of GFRC in order to have the confidence in using skills in real world design. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in advancing/starting a business in the concrete industry.

- Mike, MA

This was a very informative class on countertops. It gave me the confidence to be able to perform and sell a GFRC countertop that I didn’t have before.

- Shane, MA

Learned many different things. Had a great time. Very friendly and warm southern charm. Awesome instructor.

- Barry, Alberta

CCI provided me with a detailed account of how to successfully run a business for countertop manufacturing. I can now, with confidence, go into the marketplace and produce high-end products.

- Mark, South Africa

CCI’s website promoted what I was hoping for and needed. The class fulfilled these hopes and needs thoroughly. I could hardly have been more satisfied, especially with the instructional books and videos I walked away with to refer to as questions arise, along with personal access to Jeff & Lane!

- Clint Coleman, LA

Thanks for offering this class. I do not think this level of expertise could possibly be offered elsewhere. I feel confident that my concrete business will be successful because of Jeff and Lane. I loved the networking I received and I did not have to reinvent the wheel by making costly mistakes on my own. If you are a person that is serious about pursuing this as a business, don’t miss this opportunity. The tools, especially the calculators, are worth the cost of the class. CCI’s level of professionalism and knowledge is top notch. Thanks!

- Annette, IA

This is a crash course – an intense and thorough description of what GFRC is and how to use it. I’ve mixed a lot of concrete in my lifetime and learned from a number of different people. Jeff’s knowledge and precision is a definite asset for anyone interested and working in the industry.

- Mary, CO


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Thanks for signing up for our seminar! Check your email for further instructions.