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CCI Alumni Success Stories

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This class isn’t just recommended, it’s mandatory for success.

- Garin, GA

With the knowledge based learned this week, I have no reservations about jumping right in. Thank you!

- Eric, NY

“As a granite and quartz countertop fabricator, we will now be able to service those customers who are set on concrete as their countertop choice. Because of Jeff’s instruction, I am 100% confident that we can immediately add concrete to our current countertop surface offerings.

- Jordan, IN

I feel confident enough to get started with my business tomorrow.

- Jason, TX

I came to learn the basics, but I came away with a very in depth and specific knowledge that gives me the confidence to make countertops or whatever I want out of the material. I’m very impressed with my time spent here.

- Monty, WI

Starting from scratch with no experience, I now feel I can go out and immediately build a concrete countertop to a customer’s satisfaction.

- Keith, AL

Great class. Great knowledge. Worth the time.

- Oliver, Mexico

Jeff filled in a lifetime of scattered information I gained by working with concrete and studying trade journals. There are many bits and pieces of information about concrete, but most sources don’t connect all the bits and pieces. Thank you for taking the time to make this course available.

- Adam, NC

Now that I took the Ultimate class I’m ready to combine the knowledge learned and put it into practice on my new business. Additionally, the business/marketing input is great and will help me with this new venture.

- Ernesto, Venezuela

The Ultimate class was an amazing overall picture of what it looks like to effectively manufacture and create custom concrete, as well as set up and run a profitable business in this industry. Very helpful for me and my employees to attend.

- Eamon, NC

Wish I would have signed up before the painful and expensive process of doing it wrong.

- Jarrad, WA

Jeff and Lane included us in the learning and discussions and never talked down to us. They added a lot of personal lessons learned and stories to help make the point and make it memorable. Great flow to the class.

- Steve, CO

CCI has given me a new way to create and customize concrete countertops and has highlighted to me how endless the possibilities are for concrete countertops.

- Christopher, NC

I’ve been working with precast concrete for years. I got introduced to Terruzzo processing 6 years ago and when we bought our first house I did my own countertops and decided to keep going. I watched a lot of videos but Jeff’s training really just made a big impression on me. That’s what gave me the confidence to turn this into a business.

- Jonathan, OR

The presentation and order of material is perfect. I am very thankful you covered “Concrete 101” at the end of Day 4 and not Day 1. It gave us ample time to experience the material and to have an understanding of what was going on. I never felt like this was a scripted class and that is perfect! You both obviously speak from a lot of experience and knowledge gained from actually doing every aspect of this business. On Day 1, I knew this was a solid investment and I have gained 4 more days of reassurance that I made the correct choice.

- Bentley, TN

The Concrete Countertop Institute is an excellent source of knowledge regarding concrete countertops. I would highly recommend their services to anyone interested in the field.

- Jacob, CO

Best $4,000 dollars I’ve ever spent

- Tim, CO

The class provided insight into a complete concrete countertop business. Jeff and Lane are knowledgeable professionals and excellent instructors.

- Ben, GA

This class gave me confidence. I was able to see and do many different techniques of applications and finishes.

- Chris, AL

This class has removed any apprehension that I may have had. It has fully prepared me to be successful. In addition, it has provided a jump start that will greatly reduce the learning curve.

- Barry, NC


Thanks for signing up for our seminar! Check your email for further instructions.


Thanks for signing up for our seminar! Check your email for further instructions.