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CCI Alumni Success Stories

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Very Impressive. I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to learn proper technique along with creativity.

- Brad, FL

Great class! I would recommend it to ANYONE. Thanks!

- Ben, NY

I am glad I took this course!

- Malcolm, MN

Very Informative. Lots of technical information not readily available to us without lots of research. Well worth the costs.

- Darren, Canada

An Absolutely excellent class!

- Mike, SC

After attending all the ‘Big Name’ training courses, this by far has been the best. Jeff is not only taught & demonstrated how, but also providing engineering & education that supporten his theories on overall areas of concrete countertop manufacturing. I really enjoyed getting all the information from an independent source. The CCI does not sell products, just needed information to be successful in this industry. I highly recommend this course & CCI to anyone making concrete countertops. Thanks for everything!

- Troy, IA

More than I expected. Well worth the money!

- Zach, NC

Great to see everyone again, nice as a returning alumni to take another aspect of concrete, in the learning of. Thank you all!

- Chip Miles

I highly recommend the class for anyone starting in the concrete countertop business. The knowledge of Jeff’s civil engineering has helped me better understand the importance of proper reinforcing and quality mix design to influence the quality of your finished products.

- Brad, MI

This class covered a complete range of technical and practical application to concrete countertop and sink production. It was well-organized and presented in a modern facility.

- Steve, NM

The class was worth the money. All the knowledge provided will cut down on the future mistakes. The Sales and Marketing book is a great source on how to get the word out about your business by people who are a success in the concrete countertop industry.

- David, SC

As a beginner, I was anxious about buying a concrete countertop business. After attending The Concrete Countertop Institute, I feel that I have the skills to build a quality product, and the knowledge to overcome any problems that might occur.

- Adam, TX

This was a great class that was very thorough and informative.

- Jeff, KY

The Concrete Countertop Institute was my choice for formal training because I needed knowledge not a product sales pitch. Now, I know I can make my own product with consistency and standard that I can bet my company name on.

- Joanne

If you are looking for the best education on concrete countertops, look no further. You will get much more than you expect. The Concrete Countertop Institute is it!

- Harry

After coming to the training I have saved more time and money than imaginable. The training was priceless. Knowing the “how” and “why” gave me the confidence and reassurance that I could endeavor further into this great niche of concrete countertop making. Jeff was very informative and answered any questions you threw at him. They have a very personable work staff. I can’t wait to come back.

- John

Before coming to this class, I had an understanding of concrete. However, being taught how to build a concrete countertop, I can expand my business into another direction. This was a great learning experience and I would recommend it to others.

- Geno

Before arriving to class, I had no knowledge of how to make concrete countertops. After the class and learning all that I have learned, I believe that I can finish concrete countertops from start to finish with no difficulty.

- Dave

I feel that everyone doing countertops should keep up with training and learn new and innovative ways to do their work. The Concrete Countertop Institute is hands-down the place to do it!

- John

The Concrete Countertop Institute’s classes were the most informative concrete classes that I had ever taken. The hands-on-training was excellent. I especially like that they have an exceptional support group for questions at any time.

- Wayne


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