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CCI Alumni Success Stories

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I feel I got a great start to learning countertops. Very informative and through.

- Travis, PA

After attending this class I am glad I chose CCI. I think the class was handled in a very professional manner, yet keeping it a relaxed atmosphere. I was very comfortable, but still my attention was kept at a high level. Good Job!

- Randy, PA

This is great program that I look forward to staying in touch with. They are very helpful in every way. Great program, great people.

- Vance, FL

These classes are extremely under priced for what you get.

- Greg, CA

Thank you for a wonderful experience. The class was run very professionally and the knowledge I will take away from this is tremendous!

- Brad, FL

Overall, class was more technical than I thought. Hands on was very impressive.

- Brian, MO

It is obvious we were dealing with an all around very knowledgeable, focused individual. Perfect teaching skills, very thorough and patient with any question.

- Aaron, MO

The class gave me a high degree of confidence, to build & install countertops with consistent results. I feel both the technical knowledge and the sales & support are very well covered from Lane and Jeff. I expected the day to seem a little long. But the opposite was true. The hours flew by. There was always plenty to keep us occupied.

- Keith, MN

Thanks! I really appreciate your approach from knowledge. -I.e. learning the whole process from beginning to end, not merely the “hows”, but the “whys” as well.

- Lane, WA

The knowledge I have gained would have taken years of failures and success. I know feel I have the confidence to not only do countertops & the like, but to challenge myself to much higher levels and to work through and learn from any mistakes.

- Rob, OH

Great Class! Superb Atmosphere! Definitely worth the time and money. I feel like I doubled up on my ability level in 4 days. Great Job!

- Andy, OH

Very informative. All my needs were met. Very educational.

- Larry, FL

I got a complete understanding of why and what not just how to build countertops successfully. Also I like the fact it is understood that there is not just one way to build as long as the basic structure is understood.

- Brandon, NC

I learned the engineering aspects of concrete. I feel more confortable in trying new mix designs. Very informative.

- Tommy, TX

I feel I could make a countertop with confidence even though I’ve never worked with concrete in any way and I have a much better understanding of the medium.

- Donna Sue, VA

I’ve never liked reading testimonials, because you never put in a bad one. I was a little skeptical after reading them but also very excited. I know now what they are talking about and would recommend this class to anybody who wants to learn concrete countertops. I believe this is a basic first step to countertops. You have to know how they work before you can design. Without proper installation and preparation the best looking design might not work. I think Jeff is a first class person, who treats everybody well and knows what he is talking about. CCI is well run establishment.

- Chris, MI

Advanced Sinks & Molds 202 is my second time at CCI, because the first class was so informative. I am equally as happy this time.

- Andy, ME

We learned the technically sound way of doing countertops.

- Pat, Canada

I got confidence! I feel very confident that I can build ctops.

- Brian, AR

Jeff does a great job of explaining the science behind the concrete.

- Mary Ann, PA


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Thanks for signing up for our seminar! Check your email for further instructions.