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CCI Alumni Success Stories

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The course exceeded my expectations. Professionally run and lots of backup information in the manuals. Everything you need to get started working with GFRC.

- Brian, Alberta

Very informative. Covered a wide scope of techniques and styles to have a good foundation to get started.

- Calvin, Alberta

The class was very comprehensive. Jeff did an excellent job of teaching various techniques of mold making, uses of GFRC, and pigment coloring. The class is a springboard for success in counter top making as well as utilizing our creativity in thinking outside the norm.

- George, TX

Course was awesome. Techniques were demonstrated and communicated very well. Very impressed with everything I got from this class.

- Jeff, Newfoundland

The class lived up to my expectations. Jeff is extremely pleasant to listen to and understand. His ability to communicate the specifics and details is superior in the industry.

- Matt, OK

I am very impressed with the information that Jeff covered in this class, especially mix design.

- Keith, GA

The team of Jeff and Lane provided me with the most informative information on GFRC and Marketing I could have imagined. Thank you.

- Stephen Arnold

This class is of the highest standard that I have ever attended. I feel that I can expand my business opportunities now.

- Damian Meehan

Gave me a wide knowledge range of ideas. Much better than any other course I have done before. Thanks!!

- Brett

I have learned how to do things with concrete that I thought were not possible.

- Steve Drain

The class has provided me with the confidence to make & sell concrete items.

- Gino Monteleone

Excellent class, highly informative and plenty to learn.

- Shaik Amir

Just loved it!

- Peter Bennett

I came into this class with basic knowledge of concrete countertops. After the class I feel I have the confidence to make a real business.

- Student, KS

I just completed the GFRC class, which is my third class at CCI, and in each class I felt so thoroughly taught with how precise the instruction was. With all the new technology and admixtures we used to make the product, I felt very enriched and familiar with the new material taught. Being a high school masonry teacher for 29 years, and being within the masonry field for 38 total years, it felt very good being a student once again. Participating in Jeff’s classes has not only helped me with my trade, but has also shown me new skills with his enthusiasm; it has helped me with my own classes, with Jeff’s teaching methods reflecting upon me, that I may now give back to my students. As I will be retiring from the school system next year, for my 30 years of teaching, I will use some of the skills and techniques Jeff has taught me to pursue my own business for the rest of my life.

- Jeff, NC

I now feel comfortable going home and starting my own countertop business knowing how to produce a structurally sound, beautiful concrete countertop. After researching other training classes and getting some how to books & videos, I felt this was the most complete class I could take. I wanted quality to be a major part of making countertops, and I believe this class provides that more than any other.

- Adam, WI

The hands on is great. You get a great feel for how its done and why. Jeff does a great job of teaching and sharing knowledge.

- Barry, PA

I received an excellent depth of knowledge on installing countertops and a good background on why things are done the way they are thought.

- Jason, PA

I now know how to build a countertop. But I also know what does and doesn’t work. I like the fact that the way was explained as well as the how.

- Philip, CO

I received the best information that I feel is available without too much confusion. I feel capable to be able to provide cutting edge product from the beginning.

- Rick, MI


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Thanks for signing up for our seminar! Check your email for further instructions.