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CCI Alumni Success Stories

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As far as I’m concerned, this would be the only course for someone who wants to start a viable concrete countertop business.

- Jonathan, AB

This class was extremely informative. I am much more confident in the product I am producing after watching and hearing Jeff reaffirm what I felt was great info.

- Brett, ON

The Ultimate Class gave me great insight into the concrete countertop industry, both the manufacturing and business ends. I now feel confident in my success as a concrete countertop professional.

- John, MD

This was absolutely the best business investment I could have made. I feel that I will now experience far fewer obstacles because I now have not only the skill-set, but also the support to overcome/troubleshoot whatever I encounter.

- Caleb, FL

I have attended 5 other hands-on decorative concrete courses other than this one. This one was the best training. Thank you Jeff and Lane.

- Brian, AL

The class was great. It gave me new ways to look at concrete and what it can be used for. I highly recommend this class, you won’t be disappointed.

- Barry, NC

I would recommend this class to anyone interested in really learning about the make-up of concrete, using it and understanding its characterisitcs – extremely thorough class!

- Jason, PA

A GREAT CLASS – A GREAT EXPERIENCE! True to my previous online experience, Jeff/CCI was very thorough and giving of information and demonstration of technique. The experience was beneficial to the creative as well as the technically minded.

- Richard, TX

The class was very thorough and technical. It was great to learn about how easy it is to make a mix from scratch.

- Tiimo, CO

This class is, by far, the most intensive, useful and practical trade class I have ever taken. The projects we got to actually work on, techniques learned, and take home materials that we were given are superb. TAKE THIS CLASS if you want to perfect concrete countertops!

- Joe, FL

While on the way home, I went over the things I learned in Jeff’s class, and the best way to describe my experience there is this… I thought that I needed this class because I figured I had about 20% of the knowledge about concrete countertops. Well, Jeff taught me the other 80% that I needed to get started in my own business, and in the process he showed me that half of what I thought I knew was wrong!! Thanks CCI – this has been a great class, and you haven’t seen the last of me. I’ll definitely be back for more.

- David, MS

I want to say a heartfelt ‘THANK YOU’ to all of you at CCI. I have appreciated how readily you are all willing and able to help me. I know that I tend to ask quite a few questions and value the fact that you always answer the phone or respond to my e-mails.

- Erik, CA

First of all I would like to thank you for having the vision and guts to put together this program. I have been so impressed with everything you have put together and the dedication and professionalism of everyone at CCI. It has been evident from my first contact with you and your people that you have a passion for what you do and a crystal clear understanding of this industry and where it could go. I am blown away with the amount of information I gained in only 5 days, not only on the technical aspects but the business side as well. Every question I had was answered and more. The class size was perfect to learn from others and still not get lost in the crowd. The fact that interation and creative input is so encouraged is refreshing, and I am impressed by the knowledge and willingness to teach and help by everyone at CCI whether or not they are involved in the production process. It is by far the most I have learned in 5 days and my plans are to become a big player in this industry, with your help and teaching I have no doubt it will happen. With your willingness to help us after we have all gone home and the new ideas you are creating we have no excuse not to succeed. Thank you for everything.

- Perry, IA

I feel that in a few days I went from knowing only a few concepts of GFRC to having enough knowledge to start fabricating. Jeff has a vast knowledge of GFRC fabrication. His presentation of methods, backed up with “why” they are done that way, will prove to be invaluable in my endeavors with concrete countertops.

- Tim, OH

Jeff answers all questions with an ability to go deeply and confidently into the subject. In a few short days my insight into this industry has become much deeper and my confidence has doubled because of that knowledge.

- Dave, PA

To all those interested in the art of concrete: STOP. Put down the bag of concrete or the book from the library or the trowel and contact CCI. This is the most comprehensive class you will find. The facilities and accommodations are absolutely first rate. The knowledge you get from CCI will prevent years of frustration. The complexities of this art form are entirely too intense and numerous for a trial and error system. Just bite the bullet and enroll in a class now.

- Nathan, TN

The class filled in all of the gaps in information I was missing. This class provided me with the easy to understand knowledge to feel very confident about future work. Well worth the investment. Jeff and Lane were great hosts.

- Peter, NJ

I just wanted to say thanks for putting on such a great course and how much I enjoyed the whole experience. It was so much more, on every level than I was expecting and hoping for. I’m really happy to have learnt some of your techniques and have great respect for your approach, an attitude I’ll be endeavouring to maintain throughout my own efforts…knowing what we are doing and why we’re doing it and keeping things as simple and easy as possible. Demystifying how concrete works, making it well and finishing it for our purposes was what I really wanted to get out of this but I came away with so much more, the most significant for me being how to stand on my own two feet and then take and keep control of my product/business. That was something you guys did really well, which I really appreciate. Everything Lane did with us too was great. Just such an eye opener. Without knowing what I’ve now learnt, from both of you, I would have probably floundered business wise. It was good to go out for dinner with you all and get to know everyone and the food you put on during training was fantastic.

- Nick, Queensland

Thanks so much for your information, your knowledge is such a tremendous help! Taking your class was by far the single best investment I have ever made and the continued assistance is truly priceless. You guys are fantastic and I’m forever grateful to have you as part of my business team.

- Chris, NH

Really appreciate all of the collateral material you guys provided. Your class still provides me with valuable lessons and I am very glad I attended. You have more than proven yourself to me as a teacher and service provider.

- Matt, MI


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