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CCI Alumni Success Stories

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The attention to detail that Jeff and Brad have provided in this class is much higher than in any other course that I have taken. This week paid for itself many times over, in terms of savings on materials, processes, equipment, and most importantly avoiding costly errors.

- Brian, Ontario

The whole thing is very comprehensive and Jeff does a great job. His knowledge and ability to communicate are very impressive. Another plus- The whole week was a lot of fun. Thanks guys!

- Robin, TX

This class is great! It provides a solid technical base for someone interested in concrete countertops. These guys know their stuff. Jeff and Brad are great at answering any questions you may have, and very knowledgeable!

- Brian, IL

A lot of good info behind the methods used. Jeff didn’t just say “do it this way”, he explained in a technical yet easy to understand way.

- Bill, WA

The knowledge of Jeff’s civil engineering has helped me better understand the importance of proper reinforcing and quality mix design to influence the quality of your finished products.

- Brad, MI

A plethora of USEFUL knowledge through hands on to lecture. As a general contractor this course gave me not only a great weapon to add to my arsenal but also many other wonderful ideas that relate to all other construction.

- Kurt Patik, WY

I as surprised how Jeff made EVERYTHING more simple from templating to sealing. My two biggest concerns about the class were marketing & scaling. Jeff eased my mind about sealing and although I’m dreading marketing Lane made it much easier for me to grasp.

- Ted Pelfrey, TN

I would highly recommend CCI’s Ultimate Class to anyone interested in concrete production as a profession. Jeff has condensed over 10 years of knowledge and experience into a highly informative week. I left knowing that I had made a great decision and investment by choosing CCI.

- Stephen Gallagher, WA

Great Class, great people, a must to have the confidence to forge ahead, with your business and be successful.

- Randolph Henderson, NY

By far the most informative & enjoyable training, I’ve ever attended. Jeff and Lane are not only extremely knowledgable, they are fantastic people to work with. I would recommend CCI hands down to anyone interested.

- Christopher Pool, NH

Thank you Jeff and Lane for such an in depth class from templating to marketing. Everything has been an absolute value. You guys made me feel at home, when I was so far from (home) and I appreciate that it went beyond the classroom. THANK YOU.

- Shane Dodson, Aus

I have worked with concrete/stone extensively over the last 25 years after the 5 day course with Jeff & Lane I quickly realized that I didn’t know as much about concrete as I thought. I didn’t know as much concrete as I thought. I now have the confidence to explain to my clients the endless potential of concrete & GFRC and why. Amazing experience 6 stars.

- Terry Mercuri, Aus

Very easy to understand. Never felt uncomfortable coming to the class with no knowledge and both Lane and Jeff are so approachable with all questions.

- Dean Hauraki, Aus

Hold on to your hat & concentrate because you are about to be armed with all you need to make truely high quality concrete/ & GFRC products!!!

- Robert Pittorino, Aus

Jeff’s knowledge of the technical/chemical process is far superior to any other instructor that I have met. This is backed up by an excellent practical ability.

- Dallas Mexon, Aus

The class delivered to my expectations. I learned the proper use of the various concrete products. I now understand what is and isn’t necessary to make a quality product. I don’t have to depend on salesmen and websites to try to get me to buy more proprietary and highly marked-up products I don’t need.

- Bruce, SD

Money well-spent. This class gave me the foundation for an amazing new path to follow.

- Dylan, MD

Useful. Time saving. Informative… and therefore lucrative. Thanks.

- Trinidad

Everything was explained in full detail and gave me a much better understanding of sealers and the other products.

- Steven, NY

I would say that this was the most informative training class I have attended. Jeff was willing to help us achieve our goals and told us through his experience ‘what not to do’ so we start out without having to try things that don’t work.

- Jim, NY


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Thanks for signing up for our seminar! Check your email for further instructions.