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CCI Alumni Success Stories

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It was a great course and would recommend to others.

- Randy, Alberta, Canada

After working with concrete for 15 years and manufacturing concrete countertops for 3 years, the methods Jeff taught us will save time and will also improve our over-all quality!

- Student, PA

Jeff is extremely knowledgeable and the class was an excellent experience from both a theoretical, but even more, as a hands-on learning perspective.

- Jeffrey, OH

I’ve been to 3 different CCI classes, plus two of my men attended a class and it is constantly referred to. For every casting we still use our CCI concrete calculator (it’s what my guys ask for when we have something to make and I email it to them on their phones). Plus Jeff is always available to help with new problems that come up. Conditions are not always the same, and who has time to experiment, so we ask Jeff and he guides us in safely and effectively.

- Joe, NJ

Class with Jeff and Lane gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to start creating concrete countertops that I can proudly sell.

- Nathan, NY

I use the literature at least once a week as a reference guide. The sealer knowledge was worth the price of the class alone; thus far, I have no callbacks (knock on wood!). I am regularly using all of the forms on the CDs, from checklists, to contracts, to estimates and pricing. The hands-on portion helped me build confidence in some areas where I was unsure of myself. Following Lane’s marketing advice has definitely gotten me business with some designers and showrooms. Most importantly Jeff’s advice on projects provides a perfect crutch to give me the motivation to take on the projects that scare me. Lots was learned in class, many questions were answered, I learned new techniques, and most importantly I enjoy the support when I need some. Thanks CCI!

- Bruce, SD

In one week the class helped me learn the smaller details that you can only learn over years of years of experience.

- Mitchell, ACT, Australia

Through my experiences, after the class with Jeff, I have saved myself countless hours of excess labor, materials and have provided my customers with an overall superior product thanks to his class.

- Kurt, OH

I went from having to rely on pre-mixed concrete to making my own mixes from scratch. Thus having more control over the finished product while also bring down the cost.

- Lawrence, CA

If I had applied the stills I learned in my traditional concrete business (foundations, driveways, etc.), then I would have failed in making a well-engineered countertop. The class provided all the information necessary to produce a professional product.

- John, FL

The course made a huge leap in ability to produce production pieces right from the start.

- Greg, BC, Canada

Going into the 2-day GFRC class, I didn’t know a thing about it, and had very little knowledge of concrete in general. The class provided everything I needed to know to get started.

- Terry, Ontario, Canada

It cuts out on a LOT of initial learning and mistakes that would otherwise be made, giving you a very solid understanding to start developing your skills.

- Richard, Kent, United Kingdom

The class helped me refine my craft and push my knowledge of concrete to the next level. I have two different kitchen and bath showrooms carrying my bath vanity sinks. Both have had so-so experience with a previous concrete fabricator in the past; so I felt they were a bit hesitant at first when I pitched to them, but both places were blown away when they saw the sample sinks I brought to the meeting. The common response, before I said a word, was, “WOW! I have seen concrete before, but I didn’t know it could be so nice and refined.” I truly believe the reason my work always gets a great response from people is because I have had the proper training. Even though there is always more to learn, at least I have a solid foundation to build upon when I explore and create in the future.

- Peter, NJ

Class was great! Non-stop technical information and being pushed to the edge!

- Darren, NC

I really enjoyed taking this class. I met great guys, from all over, with different ideas about concrete and that was a nice experience. Also, Jeff and Lane were really good in providing all the information you need to start-up or grow your business. Thanks guys!

- Sam, MA

Being rather new to concrete, I feel that I have the knowledge to succeed in this business.

- Trevor, Manitoba, Canada

I am very happy with the class and will be taking Advanced Forming soon.

- Matthew, CO

Jeff really represents his craft in a professional manner and I know I will be able to take these skills with me every day.

- Ryan, WV

To understand this medium well, I highly recommend CCI.

- Brent, WV


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Thanks for signing up for our seminar! Check your email for further instructions.