Index of GFRC Information

I’ve written many articles and filmed several videos on a wide range of topics regarding Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC). This article serves to index and organize all of those articles and videos, helping you to study GFRC in a logical manner.


  1. GFRC excerpts video:
  2. FREE 1-hour seminar “Understanding GFRC”:
  3. FREE 2.5-hour seminar “Step by Step GFRC with Mix Design”: Click here.
  4. Complete GFRC self-study video training: Click here.

Further GFRC Training:

  1. GFRC Mix Calculator
  2. 3-Dimensional GFRC Mold Making


  1. Introduction to GFRC
  2. Creating concrete countertops using GFRC: mix ingredients, casting techniques, curing and processing
  3. 10 Reasons GFRC is Better than Precast
  4. Understanding glass fibers in GFRC
  5. More about fibers: The difference between AR glass fibers and other types of fibers used in concrete
  6. More about fibers: SCC Backer Mix: Beware of fiber alignment
  7. More about fibers: Will monofilament fibers work?
  8. What does polymer do in GFRC?
  9. Recommended polymer for GFRC: Forton VF774
  10. How to calculate polymer and fibers in GFRC concrete countertop mix designs
  11. Dry Polymers versus Wet Polymers for GFRC: A detailed analysis and recommendation
  12. More information about the dry/wet polymer testing procedure
  13. How to be successful with dry polymers in GFRC mixes
  14. How to embed glass or stone decorative aggregate in GFRC
  15. Case study: Making a concrete sign monolith using GFRC
  16. Case study: When does a GFRC concrete countertop look just like a cast in place concrete countertop (using face coats)

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